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From: Miles Maxted
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2005-08-17 05:28:06
Subject: Re: Is this the end?

G'morning Stephen, 

 SH> but every now and again soimeone
 SH> sees my Tiny Tafel and responds.

And makes the effort wortrhwhile !

 MM> Well, one of the BBS people who went (name escapes me for the
 MM> moment - Hollis or summat) certainly kept that index going strong
 MM> after Ted's death - until his lost his computer in a garage fire
 MM> and faded from the Fido scene with gigabytes of genealogical data.

Terry Hollis - but I've lost the name of his BBS...

 SH> Well, I'm still alive and kicking and so, it seems, is the
 SH> BBS -- for the moment.

And for the moment,  I'll keep reading down here...


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