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From: Nancy Backus
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2004-03-14 22:58:22
Subject: Re: Calendar Notes

-=> Quoting Stephen Hayes to All on 03-07-04  03:29 <=-

 SH> [ Part 2 of 2 ]


 SH> The reader may find the following rules and formulae to be useful when
 SH> dealing with the calendar.

(stuff snipped)


 SH> To determine the Gregorian date of any day from its positive DD
 SH> day-number carry out the following steps.

(more stuff snipped)

 SH> p)   `gmn' is the required month

 SH> q)   Let `gdm' = `d' - `gdp' - `gly'

 SH> r)   If `d' = 60    [ie. the day is the 60th of the year - 

Steve, it would appear that breaking it into 2 parts is still not quite
enough.  The first part still breaks off during 2.5 e), and as you can
see from what I left of the second message, the second starts with 3,
and breaks off during 3.5 r).  The more I see of it the more useful it
seems, so it would be really nice to be able to get the whole thing.  :)

Would you be willing to try yet again?  I don't know how much is lost
between 2.5e and the beginning of 3, nor how long it goes after the
second break-off, but this looks like a minimum of 4 messages are
needed?  Thanks... :)

ttyl        neb

... What, it's Monday again? Didn't we have that *last* week?

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