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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-07-06 06:25:24
Subject: Re: Burial Register Charges

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From: "Susie Zada" <szada{at}>

Hi Folks,

Just adding a few comments on charging for cemetery / grave searches.  It
really depends on the cemetery and the staff/personnel.  For example, I've
been in the office of a cemetery when a person was complaining that she was
next to be served and had come a long way for her family history research
and wanted some service.  The person who walked in the door at almost the
same time was trying to arrange a burial for her child!  Who should have got
priority??  Although we're all into family history, I don't think anyone
would disagree that the distraught mother should have been attended to
first - and she was, and the "family history researcher" was furious!

Most larger cemeteries would not charge to find one plot, especially for a
relative in the situation that started this discussion.  But I imagine the
rate of u30 per HOUR would not be for a simple lookup for one location.
I've experienced one cemetery that not only had the full burial register
details, but could then search and provide all the correspondence associated
with that burial.  This wasn't a two minute search and would absolutely
warrant the fee of u30 per hour.

So, it's really a case of what you're after and the cemetery that you're
enquiring from.  I also think it's quite reasonable for a charge for those
cemeteries that provide a printout of all entries for a particular surname,
and often provide cemetery plans with the locations highlighted.  Again, not
a two minute look-up, but a bit of effort to provide valuable information.

Also, a tip and word of warning - if I were looking for a particular person
or family in a cemetery, I would NEVER just roam around looking for the
headstone - even if there was a fee, I would ALWAYS request a search, as
there are so MANY people buried in plots that either don't have a headstone
or are not MENTIONED on a headstone.  And conversely, there are often people
MEMORIALISED on a headstone who aren't actually buried there.  So, if it's
possible to have a search done, then it will give you far more accurate and
useful information.

That's my two pennies worth - hope it helped some.

Regards ...... Susie Z

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