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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-08-19 09:28:14
Subject: Genealogical Society meeting

A reminder of the GSSA West Gauteng branch meeting this coming Saturday: we
look forward to al members of the branch and other interested people to

Date: Saturday August 23 2003
Time: 14h00 to 16h00
Venue: LDS, Paul Kruger Street, Krugersdorp

Topic: The Master Genealogist u A formidable genealogical research tool
The Master Genealogist's strength lies in its versatility u offering immense
choice to the user in what types and how to store data, management of data
and sources, and analytical tools. TMG can be used at two levels: beginner
and advanced and both of these include a variety of options.

This demonstration will illustrate some of the more advanced functions of
The Master Genealogist to manage, analyse and report your research,
including: conflicting information; candidate relationships; flags and
accents; focus groups; timelines; professional source recording, management
and reporting; controlling output and, time permitting, a bit of flashy

Speaker: Delia Robertson
Delia Robertson's interest in genealogy was sparked by a rich tradition of
oral family history in both her maternal and paternal families u and a
particular tendency in her paternal family to hoard letters, records,
photographs, and other memorabilia.

The interest translated into serious research in late 1994 into the
descendants and ancestry of Alfred George Robertson, her paternal
gg-grandfather. She has documented all his descendants; as well as those of
her maternal g-grandparents (Henrich Kaufmann 1855-1918 x Eugenie Ansquer
1861-1927). She has identified almost all of her South African ancestors.
Her research has now shifted to her various ancestral lines u at present in
the British Isles and Europe.  For those ancestors, such as slaves, whose
roots are unlikely to be found u she is furthering her knowledge of the
countries and conditions in which they lived.

She was the driving force behind a highly successful gathering of her
Robertson clan of more than 230 people over two days in late September
1998 u held at that time to mark the 200th birthday of Alfred George

Please donAEt miss this presentation.

Kind regards...

Richard Y Ford
PO Box 794 Randpark Ridge 2156
Tel/fax 011-791-5058
Cell 073-250-6208


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