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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-01-13 21:18:40
Subject: Belfast queries

PARK 1780-1890
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 RSA
  PARK, William. In 1852 Matilda PARK married Richard VAUSE of
  Hull in St Saviour's Church, Bath England, and soon afterwards
  they left for Natal. Matilda, her mother and two sisters are in
  the 1851 census in Hanover Street, Bath. In her obituary
  Matilda was described as the "youngest daughter of the late Wm
  Park of Bath, formerly of Belfast and Quebec, Canada,
  granddaughter of the late John Martin of Messrs John Martin &
  Co, Belfast". William Park appears to have died in 1844,
  probably in Bath, but possibly in Belfast. Another daughter,
  Anne G. Barrett, died in New York in 1872, aged 51. I am
  looking for the date and place of birth of William Park, and
  the names of his parents. Also, similar information about his
  wife, Mary Martin, and their children. What are the chances of
  finding a will, if he left one, and where would one look, if he
  died in either Bath or Belfast in 1844?
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

RICE 1827-1896
 Researcher: Betty Juranovich
             Mangakahia Rd, RD1, Kaikohe 0400, NZ
  RICE, John was b. c1827 Belfast. He went to RSA and married
  Mary Keenan in 1860. Came to NZ with his family 1865. Who were
  his parents and when did he go to South Africa?
         Last updated: 21 January 1997

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