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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Hedley Hunnisett
Date: 2004-08-12 08:03:22
Subject: 1901 Census on-line

Hedley Hunnisett wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

 SH> How much can you play before you pay?
 HH> As long as you like, but I'm talking about just the Index.  People
 HH> are  not in family groups and no address is given, but the
 HH> following is given:  
 HH> Civil parish, Admin County, Surname, Forename (one only) Gender,
 HH> Age,  Occupation, Where born.
 HH> So quite a lot of useful info free of charge.  If you want the full
 HH> transcript or the facsimilie of the page, you have to pay.  Not got
 HH> this  far yet myself, although I've extracted over 700 HUNNISETTs
 HH> (all spellings)  for my One-name Study.  It's possible to pay on
 HH> line (over here at least),  but have been advised it's best to get
 HH> a voucher, (here, from the local  FHS) as any unused credit can be
 HH> used on a subsequent search.   

That certainly sounds worth doing.

Perhaps I can check the indeses, then order microfilm/fiche from the local FHC :-)

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If it doesn't work, see webpage. 

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