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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-04-21 03:41:34
Subject: PC Basics Family Tree

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

I COMMEND to UK listers, especially to beginners to genealogy, the 
magazine "PC Basics Complete Basics to Family Trees" (Issue 55), 
curently available in the stores. This is a 116-page journal, aimed 
principally at beginners, but it comes with a free CD called 
"Genealogy Software Pack", containing (it's claimed, though I haven't 
counted them yet) 80 genealogy programs.

While the mag is unashamedly computer-orientated, as you'd expect, 
highlighting family tree programs and genealogy websites, etc, it is 
refreshingly candid, too, about what you can't do on the Internet. 
For instance, it offers the following advice.....

1) Talk to your elderly relatives.

2) Go to your local library and seek out some books on genealogy and 
local history.

3) Join a family history society, preferably one belonging to the 

4) Don't buy your "family coat of arms" for a pound from a man in a 
seaside hut.

5) "There will be times when you have to leave the comfort of your 
desk and head out to find information elsewhere," it says, and cites 
the Public Record Office and the Family Records Centre. UK folks who 
join a family history society may find one that runs day excursions 
to the FRC (always a good idea).

All of which is excellent advice often repeated here! But it's nice 
to see a computer magazine taking the same line, unlike so many 
genealogy features in the national papers and magazines that seem to 
think it can all be done on the Internet.

Roy Stockdill (Editor, Journal of One-Name Studies)
SoG Executive & Director of Projects, FFHS
Guild of One-Name Studies:-
Newbies' Guide to Genealogy & Family History:-

Never ask a man if he comes from Yorkshire. If he does he will tell you, if
he does not why humiliate him? - Canon Sydney Smith

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