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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-02-17 06:07:00
Subject: Re: CANADA 1911 and 1921 census look up

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From: Diane Reid <dr.reid{at}>

The Canadian census returns for 1911 and 1929 have not been released to
the public. When they will be is very much up in the air. The 1911
census "should" have been released in 2002 (using the 91 year rule). The
1929 census would not be due out until 2012. However, the government
department responsible for the census has refused to release the census
to the National Archives. 

There was a bill (introduced in the Senate and sent into the House of
Commons) which would have allowed the census to be released. The bill
went into limbo in the fall when the House of Commons was prorogued. I
have not heard that it was reinstated in the new sitting of the House
(they are involved in other, more pressing matters right now anyway).

So, the last full Canadian census that is available to the public is the
1901 census. There was a census in 1906 for Western Canada which is also

The many genealogical and historical societies in Canada are actively
working to get the 1911 census made public. 


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