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Date: 2005-08-05 23:00:00
Subject: Is this the end?

SH>* Forwarded (from: FAMILY_SYSOP) by Stephen Hayes using timEd/2 1.10.y2k.
SH>* Originally from Stephen Hayes (8:7903/10) to All.
SH>* Original dated: Thu Aug 04, 05:27

SH>This morning my BBS froze while downloading mail. When I rebooted, it took
SH>about 5 tries to get it going again. It froze about a week ago, too -- the
SH>first time that had ever happened.

SH>I suspect that it is a hardware problem, and it's getting to the end of its
SH>life. It's about 8 years old.

SH>I haven't had any callers at all for about a year now, so when it dies, I
SH>probably won't replace it, and will probably drop the dedicated line for the
SH>BBS with its phone number -- there's no point in paying R90.00 a month to
SH>provide a service that no one is using. I've kept it going mainly because I
SH>it, and find the text-based interface easier to read than most GUI newsreade
SH>and the like.

SH>So if Khanya BBS disappears from the FamilyNet and Fidonet networks, you'll
SH>know what has happened. If anyone wants to keep in touch, see the web page
SH>below. The e-mail address won't be much help because Hotmail is useless.

SH>I'll keep the BBS running as long as the machine keeps working, but when it
SH>dies, it dies, and I'll ask Telkom to remove the phone line.

SH>So this may be goodbye, or it may not.

Hopefully not! In any case be sure to keep your backups up-to-date!

Stay young, OldAck.

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