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From: Pat
To: All
Date: 2005-02-01 19:37:24
Subject: The fate of my relations' headstone!

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From: "Pat" <larigantakeawayspam{at}>

    I received an email yesterday from some people  which included this
<<Some years ago we acquired a grave headstone which is now part of our
kitchen floor. We have decided to research the history of our very old farm
house and, as
this grave stone is now part of it, decided to research the names on it.
>>. Their research led them to my website where they found the
"owners" of the gravestone - three of my relations.

    Naturally I was curious about how this happened while being very glad
that I hadn't yet got around to looking for the gravestone in the
churchyard. Today I got more details..
<<We came across it at a local 'reclaimed stone and slate ' dealers. We had
gone to look for extra floor slates to complete the kitchen extension we
had built here. We saw this large plain stone standing against the wall and
said that it was ideal for our needs. We were told we would not want to buy
it because when it was turned around it was a gravestone and was about to
be cut into smaller pieces to make window sills.>>

    They have now taken a photo of their floor so I can see the inscription.

    The point I am making here is that if you can't find your ancestors'
gravestone maybe you should start looking on people's window sills or
floors! I don't know why the stone was removed from the graveyard in the
first place. I find this a bit depressing really as it is no older than


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