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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-12-30 20:45:08
Subject: Earthquakes and tsunamis

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From: hayesmstw{at} (Steve Hayes)

Sympathy and condolences to all those who have been injured, or lost
friends or family members in the Indian Ocean earthquake.

The media have been full of reports of the disaster for the last couple of
days, and frequently mentioned that it was the worst earthquake recorded
for more than 40 years, which inevitably reminded me that my 4th cousin was
killed by a tsunami following an earthquake 40 years ago, which took place
in Alaska on 27 March 1964, and was the second most severe earthquake in
recorded history.

Because of the time of day and the place, only nine people were killed by
the earthquake itself. More than 100 were killed by tsunamis following the
earthquake. The main tsunami, caused by the rising of the sea bed, was felt
all round the Pacific, and caused the earth to ring like a bell for four
weeks afterwards. Oscillation of water in wells was felt here in South

My cousin, who had gone down to the harbour in Valdez, Alaska, with his two
small sons sons to look at the fishing boats, was swept out to sea by a
local tsunami, caused by a landslip. It was estimated to be about 70 metres
high in the vicinity. His daughter was born a couple of months after his

This week's earthquake, though less severe on the Richter scale, took place
near much more heavily populated coasts, and so the loss of life and
property is much more severe, and also spread over several countries.
Because of the disruption in communications, recovery and identification of
bodies from some places will be much more difficult, mand many will be
recorded in genealogies as "missing, believed killed".

I'm still looking for more information on my cousin's family, and so put
what I know below, in case anyone can help (some of the information I
already have came from people on Fidonet 15 years ago). It is also a memory
of him and his family, and in memory of those who died this week.I gather
that there is a sports stadium in Alaska named in his memory as well.

Family Group Report
For: James Wilson Growden  (ID= 4471) Date Prepared: 29 Dec 2004

NAME: GROWDEN, James Wilson, Born 28 Mar 1935, Died 27
  Mar 1964 in Valdez, Alaska, USA at age 28; FATHER:
  GROWDEN, William Nelson, Born 18 Aug 1893, Died 29 Oct
  1979 at age 86; MOTHER: FISHER, Gwendolyn (Lena); Died
  after being swept into the sea after an earthquake.
  Two sons died with him. Daughter born after death.
  Lived in Valdez, Alaska, where he was a basketball

MARRIED, to HODGE, Ellucia, Born ??? 1938

 1. M  GROWDEN, David, born ??? 1959, died 27 Mar 1964
       in Valdez, Alaska, USA
 2. M  GROWDEN, Jimmy, born ??? 1961, died 27 Mar 1964
       in Valdez, Alaska, USA
 3. F  GROWDEN, Rondebyn, born May 1964; Married ???
       1990 to CATALONIA, Robert

Memory eternal!

Steve Hayes
E-mail: hayesmstw{at} (see web page if it doesn't work) Web:

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