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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-12-06 04:35:56
Subject: Electronic document preservation

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From: hayesmstw{at} (Steve Hayes)

For those concerned with preservation of digital documents
(including family history data files), the following, from
"Computers in Genealogy", may be of interest.

     To help inform our long-term preservation decisions we have
     developed the PRONOM file formal registry. PRONOM is a web-
     based tool that provides guidance on the technical
     dependencies upon which access to electronic records may
     rely. It contains information about the file formats in
     which electronic records may be stored, the software
     produces required to reate, render and migrate those
     formats, and the vendors weho develop those products. PRONOM
     was launched on the Web in February 204, and is freely
     available at The PRONOM
     database can be searched online, and we expect that it will
     provide a valuable resource not only for archives and
     libraries, but for anyone who has collections of computer
     records to preserve. We plan to use PRONOM to support the
     migration of electronic records from obsolete to current
     formats (Brown 2004:311).

I haven't checked to see if they have GEDCOM registered, but it
may be useful for files written with the Electric Pencil and
other obsolete word processors.

  Brown, Adrian. 2004. A national digital archive, in _Computers
     in Genealogy_ 8(6). September, pp 306-311.

Steve Hayes
E-mail: hayesmstw{at} (see web page if it doesn't work)
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