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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-05-31 21:03:02
Subject: Web version of Parish Finder

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* Originally from Darren Wheatley (8:8/2002) to Darren Wheatley.
* Original dated: Fri May 30, 05:25

From: "Darren Wheatley" <darren{at}>


I've created an ASP web site version of the FREE genealogy program Parish
Finder, the app that does the following:

1. Helps you search for parish names
2. Lists all parishes within X kilometres of parish Y
3. Calculates the distance between parishes
4. Lists the OS Map reference for each parish
5. Lists the Chapman codes for all parishes

I've made an initial beta (0.3) available at

The web site is free to use, free from ads etc. etc. and will remain so.

The source code and data will be made available as Open Source Software
under the GPL.



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