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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-03-24 07:22:44
Subject: Interesting genealogical stories in today's D Mail

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

Two interesting stories with genealogical themes in today's issue of 
the Daily Mail.

1) Victoria's Secret? Next month, the body of a man in a Kent grave 
could be exhumed. Is he Queen Victoria's illegitimate grandson?

This tells of Nicholas Locock, a 75-year-old retired racing 
commentator and descendant of one HENRY LOCOCK (1867-1907) who is 
applying to the Court of Arches (the highest ecclesiastical court 
in the land) for his grandfather's body to be exhumed and DNA tests 
taken in the hope of proving that Henry was the illegitimate son of 
Princess Louise, a daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria. Henry 
Locock currently lies in the family tomb at St Nicholas Church in 
Sevenoaks, Kent, overgrown with weeds.

According to family legend (yes, one of those), Henry was born to 
Princess Louise in 1867 - though no birth certificate apparently 
exists - allegedly as the result of her relationship with one Walter 
STIRLING, who was governor to Princess Louise's brother Prince 
Leopold. Princess Louise was apparently flirty and bohemian and fond 
of art and men. The illegitimate Henry was adopted by Frederick 
Locock, son of Queen Victoria's gynaecologist Sir Charles Locock. 
In 1907 Henry Locock travelled to Canada, where his supposed father 
Walter Stirling had emigrated, in an attempt to ask him the truth 
about his parentage. However, he fell from a train near Montreal and 
was killed before they could meet.

Why the DNA test which the grandson wants? Well, DNA exists of 
the Tsarina Alexander, another of Victoria's daughters and Louise's 
sister, and Nicholas Locock believes that if a link can be found 
between that and his grandfather's DNA it may prove the link and the 
family story (cue Don Moody !). The Mail story concludes that if the 
court petition is successful, "the truth about one of the Royal 
Family's darkest secrets may finally be revealed." Personally, I 
wouldn't have thought that the revelation of yet another royal 
bastard would raise a single eyebrow!

2) Jailhouse Jock: Elvis's family traced back 300 years to a village 
in Scotland.

Author Allan Morrison claims to have traced Elvis Presley's ancestry 
to a couple called Andrew PRESLEY and Elspeth LEG who married in 
Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, on August 27 1713. Their son, also Andrew, 
arrived in North Carolina in 1745 and was the ancestor of Elvis's 
father Vernon Elvis Presley. The locals are apparently hoping this 
new-found fame will enable their village eventually to rival 
Graceland as a tourist attraction.

Roy Stockdill
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