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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-02-25 02:40:24
Subject: Hayes Tiny Tafel

N Steve Hayes
A P.O. Box 7648
A Pretoria
A 0001 South Africa
T 012-333-67277
S Internet hayesmstw{at}
S Fidonet: 5:7106/20
S FamilyNet: 8:7903/10
B Khanya BBS +27-12-333-0004
C 28//Zmodem
D 3/MSDOS/1440
F Family History System, PAF, others
R Searching for all GROWDON & GROWDEN
R families everywhere, and any STOOKE
R families in Devon, England
Z 60 Tiny Tafel Editor v2.2 --- This TT may be freely distributed!
A450 1756*1820*ALLEN\Winscombe, Somerset, ENG/Winscombe, Somerset, ENG
B230 1806*1810:BAGOT\Lancashire, England/Lancashire, England
B230 1892*1937*BAGOT\Natal, South Africa/England
B616 1790*1790*BARBER\Devon, England/Devon, England
C100 1838:1838*CHAFFEY\Bedminster, Bristol, ENG/Bedminster, Bristol, ENG
C560 1950 2000:CHAWNER\England/England
C150 1943 1970:COBBAN\South Africa/South Africa
C150 1679*1716:COPPIN\Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG/Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG
C350 1800*1920*COTTAM\Manchester, England/South Africa
C200 1703*1760:COUCH\Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG/Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG
D120 1896 1961:DAVIS\Newcastle, Natal, RSA/Durban, Natal, RSA
D620 1929 1996:DRAKE\South Africa/South Africa
D635 1943 1975:DRYDEN\South Africa/South Africa
D500 1880 1950:DUNN\Somerset, England/Avon, England
D600 1812*1812*DYER\Roche, Cornwall, England/Roche, Cornwall, England
G225 1948 1968:GASCOIGNE\Johannesburg, RSA/South Africa
G263 1935 1996:GAZZARD\Durban, South Africa/Australia
G650 1842*1941*GREENAWAY\St Teath, Cornwall, England/South Africa
G634 1850.1951:GRIDLEY\Somerset, England/Somerset, England
G635 1800*1993*GROWDEN\Bodmin, Cornwall, ENG/Alaska, USA
G635 1851*1989*GROWDON\Bodmin, CON, ENG/Durban, Natal, South Africa
H400 1954 1968:HALL\Estcourt, Natal, RSA/South Africa
H550 1827*1979*HANNAN\Girvan, Ayrshire, SCT/Glasgow, Scotland
H620 1818*1818:HARRIS\Whitchurch, GLA, Wales/Whitchurch, GLA, Wales
H633 1861 1947:HART-DAVIS\At Sea, English Channel/Natal, South Africa
H200 1785*1981*HAYES\North Curry, SOM, ENG/Eshowe, KZN, South Africa
H616 1831*1831*HERBERT\Manchester, England/Manchester. England
H452 1790*1821*HOLLINS\Staffordshire, England/Bristol, England
H540 1543*1943:HONYWILL\Devon, England/Ashton, Devon, England
K000 1919 1975:KAY\South Africa/South Africa
L620 1905 1961:LARGE\Natal, South Africa/South Africa
L152 1820*1820:LIVINGSTON\Lanark, Scotland/Lanark, Scotland
L251 1684*1707:LUSCOMBE\Doddiscombsleigh, DEV, ENG/Devon, ENG
M635 1784*1864*MARTIN\Belfast, Ireland/Belfast, Ireland
M240 1938 1965:MAXWELL\Benoni, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
M263 1832*1832*MCCARTNEY\Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT/Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT
M233 1810*1810:MCDADE\Ayrshire, Scotland/Ayrshire, Scotland
M216 1820*1858:MCFARLANE\Glasgow, Scotland/Glasgow, Scotland
M620 1869 1974:MOORS\Bruton, SOM, ENG/South Africa
M430 1905:1905*MOULD\Transvaal, South Africa/Transvaal, South Africa
N550 1915 1930:NAUMANN\Dunedin, New Zealand/Dunedin, New Zealand
N363 1925 1929:NOTHARD\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
P620 1828*1828*PARK\Belfast, Ireland/Bath, SOM, England
P100 1833:1840*POPE\Tintagel, CON, ENG/Tintagel, CON, ENG
R000 1885 1973*RAW\Natal, South Africa/South Africa
R320 1949 1980:REDDICK\Salisbury, S. Rhodesia/Motherwell, Glasgow, SCT
S536 1730*1766*SANDERCOCK\Cardinham, CON, ENG/Cardinham, CON, ENG
S364 1635*1635:SATTERLEY\Trusham, DEV, England/Trusham, DEV, ENG
S536 1760:1973*SAUNDERCOCK\Cardinham, CON, ENG/Blacktown,NSW, AUS
S546 1598*1748*SMALLRIDGE\DEV, ENG/Doddiscombsleigh, Devon, England
S330 1910 1986:STAYT\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
S320 1592*1928*STOOKE\Devon, England/Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
T400 1820*1820.TILLY\Cornwall, England/Cornwall, England
T455 1915:1989:TOULMIN\Bristol, England/Canada
V200 1742*1988*VAUSE\Epworth, Lincolnshire, ENG/Natal, South Africa
V650 1711*1726*VERRAN\Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG/Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG
W425 1914 1917:WILKINSON\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
W452 1830.1830:WILLIAMS\Winscombe, Somerset, ENG/Winscombe, SOM, ENG
W523 1927 1961:WINNICOTT\Eastern Cape, RSA/Pietermaritzburg, RSA
W300 1804*1804*WYATT\Lincolnshire, England/England
W 24 Feb 2004

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If its full of spam, see webpage. 

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