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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-09-24 05:56:00
Subject: Nakedness at wedding ceremony!

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

As a member of the Yorkshire Parish Register Society, I received this 
morning their latest publication, a printed volume of the 
transcribed registers of Masham, Yorkshire North Riding, from 
1717-1800. As with most PRs, some of the entries are fascinating and 
I thought I would share them with you. I especially love this first

Marriage on June 24 1723
"Leonard Pybus of Ilton and Sythe Horner of Masham, banns. The Woman, 
to prevent the Creditors coming on her new-married Husband for the 
Debts contracted by her former Husband, had nothing to cover her 
Nakedness during the solemnising of the Wedding, but her Shirt."

The above is subject-indexed in the book under "nakedness, at wedding 
ceremony", so one could hardly miss it! Just think, if there are any 
descendants of this couple around today, what a gem for a family 
historian to come upon.

Other entries of interest.....

Baptism on March 30 1743
"Jane illeg d Mary Bell (born, as affirm'd by 3 women present at her 
birth, the 14 day of April 1740).

Baptism on March 25 1736
"Jane Thompson of riper years, a Quaker."
[An adult baptism]

Burial on June 24 1742
"Stephen Smithyes, struck dead in an Instant with Lightning, 
June 22.").

Burial on May 20 1746
"A Boy of about 2 years old the son of a Dumb woman a stroler and a 
entire Stranger."
[Sad one, that].

Burial on May 20 1792
"William Iveson (killed from a tree), aged 20."
[Killed by a falling tree or by falling from one?]

And definitely one for my one-name study.....

Burial on January 27 1716/17
"Robert Stockdale, aged 105."
[Not sure I believe his age, though!]

Roy Stockdill
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Mark Twain

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