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From: Nancy Backus
To: George White
Date: 2004-03-19 22:58:14
Subject: Re: Calendar notes

-=> Quoting George White to Stephen Hayes on 03-16-04  23:28 <=-

 GW> I got part 2, but not part 1 :-(
 GW> They both had the same subject so I suspect a bad dupe checker
 GW> somewhere in the loop (possibly at the same place that truncates them
 GW> (if they are truncated, as part 1 never made it here I can't confirm
 GW> that).

I got part 2, and then the same part 1 as had gone out before, when the
message had not been yet split, the next day.  And it arrived the same
way on all 4 different bbs's I get packets from (3 in the USA and 1 in
GB).  There still is a gap between 1 and 2, and it appears that 2 was
still not complete as it stopped in mid sentence.

 GW> I actually doubt if the message is
 GW> being truncated, I rather suspect Nancy's OLR. I used to have similar
 GW> problems when I used SLMR on QWK packets, the QWK packets were OK but
 GW> SLMR could only see the first part of long messages. I've forgotten
 GW> the exact details as I changed over to pointing with Terminate (which
 GW> has other, less intrusive problems).

Considering that I am using BlueWave, and not SLMR, that's not likely
the problem.  BW lets me know ahead of time if it is truncating a
message as it loads the extra long message, and that didn't happen with
any of Steve's messages.  Also, there's the matter of having the SEENBY
stuff show up at the end of the original, and at the same place on Part
1, breaking into the middle of a sentence.  That wouldn't have been put
in there by an OLR.

It could be that the reason you don't get Part 1 is that something on
the way to you (or even your set up?) considers that message to be
grunged and so doesn't pass it on to you.

ttyl          neb

... Genealogists live in the past lane.

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 * Origin: Chowdanet (401-331-0615) telnet://  (1:323/120)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 323/120 123/500 106/2000 633/267

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