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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Russell Tiedt
Date: 2005-08-09 07:21:36
Subject: Is this the end?

Russell Tiedt wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

 RT> Hello Stephen.

 RT> 07 Aug 05 04:08, you wrote to THURSTON ACKERMAN:

 TA>> Hopefully not! In any case be sure to keep your backups
 TA>> up-to-date!

 SH> Perhaps not yet...

 SH> Norton Utilities seems to have fixed the problem for now, but it was a
 SH> reminder of mortality.

 RT> How big is the HDD, I presume it is the HDD if Norton fixed it,
 RT> before you  close it down, just ask, I might have a spare you could
 RT> have .... 

It's a 1 gig SCSI IBM Raid.

And, to answer Miles's question, it's a 486 66 Mhz (downgraded from 120 Mhz
by the idiot who broke the motherboard when installing the above hard
disk), running OS/2 Warp. 

I think the problem was a couple of very short power outs, which corrupted
the FAT on one of the FAT partitions. I think Norton has fixed it -- it's
been running since then. 

It wouldn't so much be the hardware itself, as the reinstallation of the software. 

Steve Hayes
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