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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-02-17 05:48:22
Subject: Old RSL Year Book 28

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From: "gwen" <gwenpt{at}>

This Article is taken from The Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial
League of Australia, Official Year Book of 1939. It is stamped 'Defence
Issue' and the price was 1/6, or 1 shilling and 6 pence in the old
pre-decimal currency. After World War 2 the RSSILA became the RSL - Returned
Services League.
Spelling is as in the original articles.

P 126 - 28
Twenty-five young Australians left Australia in August last to take up
short-service commissions with the Royal Air Force. These men were selected
by the Australian Air Board at the request of the British Air Ministry. The
list is as follows:
Victoria: F. S. Richardson, F. M. Goyen, C. D. Crawley, F. Angus, H. A.
Skehill, R. W. Davy.
New South Wales: W. Allsopp, C. B. Best, J. H. Horan, R. W. Farrow, G. D.
Garland, J. A. Gilbert, R. P. Earl, F. H. Dawson. T. R, Hurley, W. E.
Lockley, A. Robson, R. H. Ryall, A. P. B. Hordern, A. R. N. Smith, R. D.
Wawn, S. G. Thornton, B. E. Chapman, C. R. Worboys.
Queensland: R. G. Frazer.
The arrangement by which these men were sent to England differed from that
followed in previous years. For some time a limited number of cadets have
been selected from the Royal Australian Air Force on the completion of their
flying training course for transfer to the Royal Air Force. This arrangement
has virtually ceased because of the rapid growth of the R.A.A.F. and the
necessity to retain all the cadets who graduated in Australia. Those who had
been selected for the Royal Air Force had not received training in the

P 126 - 28
More than a thousand of the girls employed operating the switches in the
telephone exchanges of London have been trained to work wearing gas masks.
The girls have done their job in a gas-filled chamber for 15 minutes at a
Every day more and more of the telephone operators, male and female, are
undergoing the gas training so that in an emergency the London telephone
system, the most vital link in the Air Raid Precautions Chain, will still

P 127 - 28
Returned Soldiers are 23,018 employers and 32,517 who are working on their
own account. Wage and Salary earners  total 118,285.
Under u52 a year is the income of 34,945. Up to u103 is earned by 31,515, up
to u155 by 27,506, and up u207 by 34,679.
Between u207 and u259 is the income of 31,667, and 45,255 have incomes of
u260 or over.
Only 164 ex-Sisters earn more than u260. Under u100 is the income of 441.

Regards  Gwen

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