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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-01-03 06:20:30
Subject: Re: GG Grandparents - spread of origins

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

OF course, the more generations farther back you go, then you find 
the ancestral places diversifying and encompassing more 
counties and countries.

For instance, I have only to go back one generation beyond my 
gt-gt-grandparents, nine of whom were born in Yorkshire, to find a 
gt-gt-gt-grandmother from Cheshire, who must have been of Welsh 
ancestry since here name was PLEVIN, which derives from "ap Blethyn", 
i.e. son of Blethyn, the Welsh personal name. And since her mother 
and grandfather were Williams, then it is certain that I have one 
Welsh line.

Likewise, one of my Yorkshire lines can be taken back to circa 1678, 
but the family, called YELLOW/YELLOWLEY, can be traced a generation 
or two earlier to County Durham and a parish on the Yorkshire/Durham 
border and beyond that probably to the Scottish Lowlands and Border 
Country. This is an interesting one, because I can track the likely 
movement of my Yellow ancestors from Scotland to Yorkshire along the 
route of an ancient drovers' road that ran from the outskirts of 
Edinburgh all the way down through Yorkshire and the Midlands to 
London. Never at any stage were they living more than 5 miles or so 
away from the track, so my theory is that they were drovers who came 
down from Scotland and settled in Yorkshire. Wills and inventories 
support this, since they were horse and cattle dealers.

I confess that though I think of my ancestry as being overwhelmingly 
Yorkshire and over half of my gt-gt-grandparents were born in the 
county, I suspect that by the time I complete my 32 
gt-gt-gt-grandparents (if I ever do) the percentage will fall below 

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