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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-11-06 19:11:30
Subject: Re: Newbie for Somerset

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* Originally from Paul Anthony (8:8/2002) to All.
* Original dated: Tue Nov 02, 08:42

From: "Paul Anthony" <mrandmrs{at}>

Hi There,
you should visit this website URL:

Mike Walker who runs this site, has transcribed the whole census of Bath & 
Surrounding area in 1841, you will see that this includes Wells, St 
Cuthberts, just send him an email stating the Surname(Bendall) and 
Village(Wells) you wish to search and he will send you back a list if all 
occurences of that name, in that area, in 1841, of course then you must make 
a payment to him afterwards, this is a very reasonable service which i have 
found usefull on a number of occasions.

Hope that helps you in your Quest for the Unknown


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