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From: Janet Osgood
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2003-09-09 22:06:24
Subject: Some information on a some family members

Stephen Hayes wrote in a message to Janet Osgood:
Thanks for the information, my dear sir. I appreciate it.  I have saved
this message to file. Thanks again, kind sir.
Janet Osgood
 SH> Janet Osgood wrote in a message to all:

 JO> Hello all!

 JO> Anything about the Melton, Osgood, Taylor, Norwood, Posey, Daniel
 JO> families would be appreciated.  I am also trying to find out if
 JO> Carnot Posey is related to my husband's family.  Carnot Posey was a
 JO> General in the Civil war.  I think he was a confederate General and
 JO> grow up in Wilkinson Co. Mississippi. That is the only information
 JO> I have as of yet.  NOthing about his parents or anything.. Thanks
 JO> for your help.

 SH> Here are some TAYLOR queries from the Genealogical Query
 SH> Database: 

 SH> BROWNLIE 1840-1900
 SH>  Researcher: Marge Clark Kapas
 SH>              #407, 220 - 7th Street, New Westminster, B.C.,
 SH> V3M                  3K4, Canada
 SH>              mkapas{at}
 SH>   BROWNLIE, Archibald m Anne Taylor FLEMING - ch Elizabeth,
 SH> John,   Thomas (m Jane Brown), Archibald, Robert (d ch),
 SH> Alice,
 SH>   Elizabeth (m John BROWN), Jean Fleming, James, Archibald
 SH> (d   ch), John (d ch), Janet (d ch)
 SH>          Last updated: 16 January 1997

 SH> COWARD / CAWOOD 1870-1880
 SH>  Researcher: Alan Brown
 SH>              14 Attenborough Lane, Chilwell, Beeston, Notts
 SH> NG9                  5JW England, UK
 SH>   COWARD, William, born 19 September 1875, at Willitoft,
 SH>   Yorkshire, England. Parents were Ibbotson CAWOOD and Mary
 SH> Ann   TAYLOR. William was left wityh TAYLOR grandparents. No
 SH> marriage   for Ibbotson CAWOOD and Mary Ann TAYLOR dound.
 SH> Any information,   please.
 SH>          Last updated: 28 November 2001

 SH> HAYDEN 1800-1850
 SH>  Researcher: Carol Avery
 SH>              298 Henry Street, Deiniliquin, NSW 2710,
 SH> Australia   HAYDEN, Randell Taylor, married Lucy LESTER 2
 SH> May 1828,
 SH>   Wanstead, Essex, England. Seeking further information on
 SH> these   people.
 SH>          Last updated: 31 August 2000

 SH> LITTLEFIELD 1560-1745
 SH>  Researcher: Alan Littlefield
 SH>              12 Kleintuin Rd, Edgemead, RSA, 7441
 SH>              alittle{at}
 SH>   Looking for the parents of both Francis Littlefield's (b
 SH> 1565)   and John Littlefield (m Elizabeth Taylor in 1742)
 SH>          Last updated: 26 May 1998

 SH> TAYLOR 1855-1930
 SH>  Researcher: Pip Lane
 SH>              The Warren, Aysgarth, North Yorkshire DL8 3AB,
 SH>                  England UK
 SH>   TAYLOR, Annie Royal, born 1855, Egremont, Cheshire,
 SH> England.   Missionary to Tibet in 1890s. Possibly died in
 SH> 1920s. Does   anyone know when or where?
 SH>          Last updated: 18 March 2001

 SH> TAYLOR 1874-1939
 SH>  Researcher: Mrs G. Cowie
 SH>              82 Erskine Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb,
 SH> London                  NW11 6HG England UK
 SH>   TAYLOR, Margaret Annie, b Islington, London, England,
 SH> 1874, was   my grandfather's cousin and missionary in Uganda
 SH> 1904-1938.   Father was William Gaylor Taylor, watchmaker,
 SH> and siblings were   William Ernest, Caroline Mary, Arthur
 SH> Gaylor, Florence Dorcas,   Alfred Henry Gaylor, Herbert
 SH> James and Eleanor. Church
 SH>   Missionary Society (CMS) records seen. Would love to hear
 SH> from   descendants of relatives or friends.
 SH>          Last updated: 7 January 2000

 SH> TAYLOR 1890-1963
 SH>  Researcher: N. Fitzgerald
 SH>              Craighead, Knockando, Aberlour, Banffshire AB38
 SH> 7SG                  Scotland UK
 SH>   TAYLOR, Ralph Charles, 1890-1963, Westcliff or Southend,
 SH>   brother of Reginald Eric Taylor. Married (1) Deatrice van
 SH> Damn,   one child stanley Taylor, (2) Daisy, all of
 SH> Southend-on-Sea,   Essex, England. Believed to have been
 SH> jewellers. Stanley died   1942, RAF. Brother Reginald Eric
 SH> born 1896 Westcliff or
 SH>   Southend. Enlisted RASC Southend. Died Flanders, 5 March
 SH> 1917.   Melievet to have married Maud, 1 child. Any
 SH> information
 SH>   welcome.
 SH>          Last updated: 18 December 1998

 SH> WATT 1870-1920
 SH>  Researcher: Marge Clark Kapas
 SH>              #407, 220 - 7th Street, New Westminster, B.C.,
 SH> V3M                  3K4, Canada
 SH>              mkapas{at}
 SH>   WATT, Alexander Taylor m Mary Ann FYFE - shipmaster - ch
 SH>   Alexander Taylor (d inf), Mary Ann, Alexander Taylor
 SH>          Last updated: 16 January 1997

 SH> Keep well

 SH> Steve Hayes
 SH>   WWW:
 SH>   E-mail: hayesstw{at} 

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