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From: Frank Vest
To: Hedley Hunnisett
Date: 1995-12-06 20:51:18
Subject: Cumberland

On (06 Dec 02) Hedley Hunnisett wrote to Dorothy Denn...

Hello Hedley,

 HH> Dorothy Denn wrote, from deep in the heart of Surrey:

 DD> . . . are you looking in any of the Internet genealogy sites to help
 DD> you trace . . .

 HH> Any particular sites you would care to recommend?  I used to be on an
 HH> Internet newsgroup, but got fed up with wading through hundreds of
 HH> messages, many of them giving incorrect and misleading 'information'
 HH> from people who clearly imagined themselves to be experts.

I don't know if these will be of use to you, but:

Admittedly, many of these may be USA interests more than other
countries, but they may give some starts. :-)



... What you see is what you get, so keep your eyes open.

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