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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Miles Maxted
Date: 2005-08-15 03:39:12
Subject: Is this the end?

Miles Maxted wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

 MM> G'morning Stephen, 

 SH> Very little... I think with the Rootsweb forums and Google
 SH> the need for such a query database has passed, and though I
 SH> still see queries on some of the mailing lists, people seem
 SH> reluctant to add them to the database.

 MM> Yes .. the `nets mailing groups seem almost antisocial compared 
 MM> with the old Fidonet echoing...


I occasionally put in a plug for Tiny Tafels on the genealogy newsgroups
asnd sometimes get sarky remarks about "outdated technology" and
the need to "move on", but the fact is that I get more useful
responses from Tiny Tafels than from almost anything else. 

I've put queries on the Rootsweb forums, with little response, and I've had
the sname names in the Roots surname list with none at all, but every now
and again soimeone sees my Tiny Tafel and responds. 

The inter-BBS Tafel matching system is indeed extinct, but Google finds
Tiny Tafels just as well, and there's something about them that people seem
to respond to. And I still have a collection of Tiny Tafels and will run
matches for anyone who wants them. 

 SH> Probably put it on CD and send it to a couple of genealogical
 SH> libraries.

 MM> Mmmm ... the New Zealand Genealogists (Scoiety ? Inc ?) would 
 MM> probably relish copies if you do that;  interestingly, NZ has a 
 MM> very strong population segment of South Africans who might enjoy 
 MM> your focus on genealogy...

 SH> Like Ted Wildy's marriage witness index?
 SH> I believe the data is still available, thougb it is not being added to.

 MM> Well, one of the BBS people who went (name escapes me for the 
 MM> moment - Hollis or summat) certainly kept that index going strong 
 MM> after Ted's death - until his lost his computer in a garage fire 
 MM> and faded from the Fido scene with gigabytes of genealogical data. 

 MM> Tempes fugit, too - we've just lost an ex-Prime Minister to kidney 
 MM> failure prematurely,  as quickly as TEd...

Well, I'm still alive and kicking and so, it seems, is the BBS -- for the moment. 

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If it doesn't work, see webpage. 

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