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From: Russell Tiedt
To: All
Date: 2005-10-07 09:55:30
Subject: Greetings from Steve

Hello everybody.

Forwarded for Steve ...

=== Cut ===

It's time for me to say goodbye to FamilyNet, OCNet and Fidonet.

This means that I will no longer be moderator of the following
discussion  forums:


Christians and Society
Media Watch
Christian communications (XNCOM)
and a few others.



OCNet (Orthodox Christian Network)


The main reason for this is that after 8 years of service, my BBS
computer has finally packed up (for the technically minded, the
fault appears to lie in the SCSI drive controller card), and so
Khanya BBS is now already closed.

If that were the only problem, I might make an effort to repair
the computer, and get it up and running again, but the computer
problem was really only the last straw.

When my BBS packed up, I tried to link to the discussion forums
as e-mail mailing lists in order to let people know, but it
seemed that the FamilyNet forums were no longer accessible even
as e-mail mailing lists either.

Eventually I transferred some of the more popular forums --
Worldchat and Christians and Society, to YahooGroups, and I found
that there was already a missiology conference on YahooGroups.

If you would like to stay in touch by that means, please check
the following Web page:

where you can find more information.

If anyone would like to take over moderating any of the above
forums on FamilyNet and Fidonet, they are welcome to do so. For
the moment the FamilyNet ones continue to be gated to mailing
lists and to be available on the web, but for how much longer
depends on the goodwill of Bob Hoffman, and recent exchanges with
him make me doubt whether he has any goodwill at all.

If you'd like to know more about some of this, the history and
the might-have-beens, some of the successes and failures of BBS
networks and the communites they helped foster, you can find out
more on the following Web pages:

for information on some replacement Yahoogroups conferences:

If anyone would like to keep in touch with me, the Web URL and e-
mail address below should be enough.

Over the last 15 years many people in many places have helped me
in more ways than I can tell. I've had stimulating discussions
that helped with my Masters dissertation and Doctoral thesis on
Christian mission. I've had useful advice and information that
have helped with family history and genealogical research. There
have been interesting discussions on theology, literature, inter-
national culture, politics, sport and much much more. To all who
helped me learn something, many thanks. From all whom I have
offended, I ask forgiveness.

On 5 Oct 2005 at 19:18, Russell Tiedt wrote:

>  Hi Steve,
>  Sorry to hear of your decision to close the BBS.
>  Will stop polling your number, and may it go well with you and yours.

Thanks Rusty, and I hope it goes well with you too.

Could you do me a favour, please, and forward the message I sent you to any
of the genealogy conferences on Fidonet, and the Asian link one, and copy the
sig on this message to the bottom of it, so that if anyone wants to contact
me, they may do so.
Steve Hayes
E-mail: shayes{at}
Phone: 083-342-3563 or 012-333-6727

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