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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2005-04-18 07:20:38
Subject: Do we need counselling?

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From: "Ann" <anngodden{at}>

I've just read a piece in the Telegraph which says that lots of people are
being traumatised by the dark secrets they uncover while researching their
family history, and counselling should be availbale. "Many of
Britain's four million amateur genealogists will end up discovering
illegitimacy, bigamy, adoption and previously unknown relatives in the
course of their research. Diane Mattinson, 48, an office manager from
Bicester, Oxfordshire, discovered that her great-grandfather, James
Phillips, had never married her great-grandmother, Elizabeth.
"It was a bombshell," said Mrs Mattinson. "I had my family
to support me and to talk things over with, but some people don't have
that. For people who find out they have half-brothers or sisters or things
like that, counselling would be a good idea." Another amateur
genealogist, who did not wish to be named, found that when she inspected a
copy of her birth certificate at the Public Records Office, the man she
believed to be her uncle was, in fact, her father. He was now dead, she
said, but "my cousins are actually my half-brothers and sisters. It
was a huge shock. I would have welcomed counselling". "
What??? Are they serious?

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