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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-04-15 05:27:42
Subject: Genealogical projects

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

AT the AGM of the Federation of Family History Societies (which has 
over 200 member societies) at Exeter University last weekend, I was 
elected to the FFHS Executive and appointed to the post of Director 
of Projects. 

This means I will not only assume overall responsibility for existing 
Federation projects such as the National Burial Index and the 
National Strays Index, but am also responsible for initiating new 
projects that will benefit the genealogical community as a whole.

I am interested in views and suggestions (sensible ones only, 
please!) from all sides of the genealogical world as to what kind of 
projects family historians would like to see undertaken, bearing in 
mind two factors.....

1) They must be realistically achievable, bearing in mind that they 
will have to be carried out entirely by volunteers.

2) They should not clash with or replicate other work going on 
elsewhere, i.e. FreeBMD, census indexing or material which is 
already appearing, or likely to appear, on pay-per-view websites or 
in commercial publications on CD-ROM.

Any suggestions and thoughts gratefully received. Please e-mail to 
me privately. Thanks.

Roy Stockdill (Editor, Journal of One-Name Studies)
Guild of One-Name Studies:-
Newbies' Guide to Genealogy & Family History:-

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