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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-07-16 14:49:02
Subject: West Rand Family History Societ

A reminder of the GSSA West Gauteng branch meeting this coming Saturday: we
look forward to all members of the branch and other interested people to

Date: Saturday July 19 2003
Time: 14h00 to 16h00
Venue: LDS, Paul Kruger Street, Krugersdorp

Topic: Planning genealogical research

Speaker: Isabel Groesbeek

Isabel (born Bekker and daughter of Johan Bernhard Bekker and Vasthi
Schutte) grew up in Bethal where she also matriculated. She obtained her BA
(Hons) History at the University of Pretoria and completed a postgraduate
HED. After four years as a history teacher, Isabel joined the HSRC where she
served in the Institute of Psychological and Edumetric Research; Institute
of History Research under the leadership of Dr RTJ Lombard; and in 1992 she
was promoted to department head and genealogical researcher, and information
consultant at Genealogical Information.

In 1998 Isabel started her own business u Isabel Groesbeek Genealogical
Services u where she conducts family history and genealogical research for
individuals and family associations. She also lectures and provides courses
in research methods and sources. Furthermore, Isabel is vice-president and
publicity officer of the Northern Transvaal branch of the GSSA.

Please donAEt miss this presentation.

Kind regards...

Richard Y Ford
PO Box 794 Randpark Ridge 2156
Tel/fax 011-791-5058
Cell 073-250-6208


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