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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-02-02 09:01:42
Subject: Talk at York

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

Just a very quick note to say that I will be speaking to the City of 
York & District FHS next Wednesday, February 4th, at their monthly 
meeting at the Priory Centre, Priory Street, York, 7.0 p.m. for 7.30 
(details on the society's website).

My talk is entitled "Sex, Sin and Scandal in Newspapers", focusing on 
press coverage of royal, international, national and local affairs as 
covered in the media from the 17th century onwards, with particular 
emphasis on the Victorian era and the kind of matters which our 
ancestors most enjoyed reading about - funnily enough, not unlike 
those which make most of the headlines today! I include pamphlets, 
cartoons, etc, from earlier eras in this lecture, plus many 
illustrations from the newspapers of yesteryear. Mostly light-hearted 
and humorous, the talk has been well received around the country in 
the last couple of years.

Just thought anyone in the immediate York area may like to know. The 
York FHS, I believe, welcomes first-timers to meetings free but 
requests you take out a membership after that.

Roy Stockdill
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