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From: Miles Maxted
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2005-08-14 15:57:00
Subject: Re: Is this the end?

G'morning Stephen, 

 SH> Very little... I think with the Rootsweb forums and Google
 SH> the need for such a query database has passed, and though I
 SH> still see queries on some of the mailing lists, people seem
 SH> reluctant to add them to the database.

Yes .. the `nets mailing groups seem almost antisocial compared 
with the old Fidonet echoing...

 SH> Probably put it on CD and send it to a couple of genealogical
 SH> libraries.

Mmmm ... the New Zealand Genealogists (Scoiety ? Inc ?) would 
probably relish copies if you do that;  interestingly, NZ has a 
very strong population segment of South Africans who might enjoy 
your focus on genealogy...

 SH> Like Ted Wildy's marriage witness index?
 SH> I believe the data is still available, thougb it is not being added to.

Well, one of the BBS people who went (name escapes me for the 
moment - Hollis or summat) certainly kept that index going strong 
after Ted's death - until his lost his computer in a garage fire 
and faded from the Fido scene with gigabytes of genealogical data.

Tempes fugit, too - we've just lost an ex-Prime Minister to kidney 
failure prematurely,  as quickly as TEd...

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