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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-08-24 11:53:56
Subject: Bussell missing from census?

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This morning my wife and I had to go to meetings in Johannesburg, and in
the mad rush to leave before 6:00 to beat the traffic jams on the freeway,
I left my notebook behind with details of the things I wanted to look up.

But one thing I did want to look up in the 1881 census was Mary Jane Hayes,
born about March 1851 in Bedminster, Bristol, married on 1 August 1874 at
St Paul's, Bedminster, to Thomas Bussell, born about 1849.

Having left the details behind, I'd forgotten the years they were born in,
but none of the ones I did look at seemed to match .

I've just finished looking through the 1891 census for Bedminster (took 4
months, going once a month) and didn't find them. 

I suppose they could have emigrated -- are there any other possibilities
I'm overlooking?

Keep well

Steve Hayes
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