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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-11-07 07:00:22
Subject: Re: Re:WW1 Enlistment List

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From: "Beagle" <peter.jen{at}>

The information on the CWGC headstones stating how old people were when they 
died usually came from information collected by the Commission well after 
the war from the next of kin of the casualties.  They wrote to every one 
asking for information on age and family background but only about half the 
families replied (perhaps died or moved on from the last known address) 
which is why in the registers in the various cemeteries some entries have 
quite a lot of material and others have only the bare name, initial, rank, 
number, unit and date of death.

For anyone who wants to see further what sort of information can be found 
for the lucky few here is my list of the best entries in the registers but 
please only read further if interested - the list is long (9 pages of A4)!!

ANDERSON, Pte Robert William M2/051717 Mech Transport RASC attd 144th Heavy 
Bde Ammo Col. Killed by explosion of mine while crossing bridge in charge of 
wagon 23 Aug 1918 aged 21. Son of James M and Mary Ann Anderson of Manse, 
Dalavich,  Toynvilt, Argyll. Born in Perth and enlisted at Bedford while 
living in Perth. Querrieu British Cem, France - E 3

ARKLE, Lt Charles W      R      . 1st Aircraft Supply Depot Repair Park RAF. 
Accidentally killed when he slipped and was hit by a propeller while 
starting up a plane to test engine 27 Sep 1918. Son of W B Arkle of 
Birkenhead. Born 1893. A despatch rider with the RE who transferred to the 
RFC in 1916. Had been recommended for a Mention in Despatches for work done 
during a bombing raid on this airfield. Terlincthun Brit Cem, France - IV C 

BARCLAY, Maj Thomas Hubert. 1/1st Surrey Yeomanry. Died 4 May 1917 from 
exhaustion after saving many lives in the sinking of HMT 'Transylvania' for 
which the award of the Board of Trade Silver Medal for Saving Life at Sea 
was posthumously  made. Aged 33. Son of Laura Charlotte Rachel Barclay of 
'Hurst Lea' Albury Heath, Guildford and the late Robert Barclay. Savona Town 
Cem, Italy - B 2

BEAUMONT-CHECKLAND, Lt Montmorency Beaumont. 2/1st W Som Yeo attd 7th Som 
LI. KIA at the battle of Langemarck 17 Aug 1917 aged 33. Son of William and 
Amy de Beaumont Beaumont-Checkland and grandson of the Comte de Beaumont. 
Enlisted 1914;  volunteered for infantry 1916. BA Barrister-at-Law, Inner 
Temple. Led up a small reinforcement to hold the line against a strong 
counter-attack and fell within four miles of the Memorial. Tyne Cot 
Memorial, Belgium

BEDWELL, 2nd Lt Victor Leopold Stevens. 4th Suffolks. 18 Aug 1916 aged 22. 
Son of the late Thomas Bedwell and of Mary Louisa Bedwell of 52 Beechhill 
Rd, Eltham, London. Craven Scholar at Oxford Univ in 1915. The Bedwell Prize 
has been  founded at Exeter College, Oxford in memory of his brilliant 
learning and personality. Thiepval Memorial, France

BENTLEY, Pte George Albert Alexander. 200721 1/5th Seaforth Hldrs. KIA 12 
Oct 1918 aged 22. Only son of the late Alexander and Elizabeth A Bentley of 
Burnage Lane, Levenshulme, Manchester. Enlisted at Manchester Jan 1915. 
Previously wounded at Cambrai  (1917) and when in hospital voluntarily gave 
his blood for transfusion. Avesnes-le-Sec Communal Cemetery Extension, 
France - C 22

BIGLAND OF BIGLAND, 2nd Lt George Braddyll. 1/4th K O Royal Lancaster. 15 
Jun 1915 aged 23. Only child of Editha Blanch Hinde Bigland of Bigland Brow, 
Backbarrow, formerly of Bigland Hall, Ulverston, Lancs and the late Squire 
George  Bigland; husband of Mrs Audrey Pain (formerly Bigland) of Bigland 
Hall, Ulverston. Known as the soldier-squire. Last of his line who for a 
thousand years served in the Navy or Army. Le Touret Memorial, France

BOOTH, Serjt Joseph Frank. 265740 2/7th Sherwood Foresters. KIA 26 Sep 1917 
aged 18. Son of Edith C Booth of 39 Waldeck Rd, Nottingham and the late 
Frank Charles Booth. He enlisted at Nottingham while living at Carrington, 
Notts. Recommended for DCM. Promoted Kings Corporal and brought to the 
notice of  the Secretary of State for War for distinguished services in 
connection with the war. Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium

BREWER, Pte Cedrick Seymour. 517403 1st London Scottish. KIA 29 Aug 1918 
aged 28. Son of William Seymour Brewer and Josephine Thomas Brewer of 180 
Mott St, New York, USA. Volunteered twice, first with Canadian Highlanders, 
wounded and  discharged; returned to America when convalescent; spoke and 
wrote on behalf of the Allies; later re-enlisted in London while allegedly 
living there. Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France

BURCHELL, Cpl Frederic Charles. 301241 3rd Div Ammo Col Canadian Fld Arty. 
KIA in his trench mortar pit, by explosion of shell, having warned his men, 
who were all saved 27 Dec 1916 aged 23. Son of Herbert C and Ellen B 
Burchell of Windsor,  Nova Scotia. Born at St John's, Newfoundland. Civil 
Engineer. Maroeuil British Cem, France - II K 10

BURGESS, Serjt Henry Philip. 19135 18th Sqdn RFC. 11 Mar 1917 aged 30. Son 
of the late Charles Long Edmund Burgess and Ann Maria Burgess; husband of 
Eleanor Mary Burgess of 87 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London. The 
following words were  written by the Officer Commanding 18th Sqdn RFC "He 
was a sound pilot, and though the other four machines on his job all 
suffered except one the whole lot put up a splendid exhibition, and the job 
was completed." Arras Memorial, France

BURNS, Lt Walter Bell. 3rd Kings Shropshire LI attd 1/4th Glos Rgt. 9 Oct 
1917 aged 24. Son of Alexander and Herminia Burns of  "Hilston", Fort Rd, 
Guildford. Born in the Argentine; educated at Stratheden House School, 
Blackheath, University  College School, London and Willis, Cuckfield, 
Haywards Heath. At outbreak of war was in the Argentine and returned to his 
country to serve. Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium

CAMPBELL, Maj Duncan Donald Heron, MC, Mentioned in Despatches. RGA attd 
112th Bde RFA. KIA on Messines Ridge 7 Jun 1917 aged 33. Son of Lt Col D A 
Campbell (late R Inniskilling Fus) of Wickham Hall, Eye, Suffolk. Served in 
the Mohmand Campaign  (1908) with Native Mountain Artillery and in 1913-14 
with Burma Police. The sixth successive generation of his family to serve in 
Army or Navy. St Quentin Cabaret Mil Cem, Belgium - II J 15

CARTER, Maj Herbert Augustine VC (Somaliland 1903). 101st Grenadiers attd 
40th Pathans, IA. Died 13 Jan 1916 from the effects of exhaustion after 
effecting the relief of Mwele Mdogo, Kenya; while suffering from fever he 
made a forced march  of two days under intense heat to reach the fort in 
time. Aged 41. Son of the late Rev Conway R D Carter (born in Antrim Co, 
Ireland) of St Erth and his wife Georgina M Carter (born at Dunday, 
Somerset). One of eight children.  Husband of Helen Lilian Wilmot Carter of 
Mena House, St Erth. Born at Exeter. St Erth (St Ercus) Chyd, Cornwall, UK

CARVER, 2nd Lt Basil Armitage. Inniskilling Dragoons. Died 21 Aug 1916 
having descended into a mine tunnel to endeavour to save his men overcome by 
gas, he also fell. Aged 19. Son of William Oswald Carver and Kate Bentley 
Carver of Cranage  Hall, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Ecoivres Military Cem, 
France - III E 9

CLIFF, Pte Albert Edward. 305226 1/8th Sherwood Foresters. KIA 5 May 1918 
aged 23. Son of David and Fanny Cliff of 14 Newton St, Mansfield, Notts. He 
had been born at Mansfield and enlisted there. Killed on the morning that 
his time expired, after serving three years and three months in  the 
trenches. Fouquires Chyd Extn, France - I 79

CLOUTMAN, Lt Wolfred Reeve. 178th Coy RE. Mentioned in Despatches. Killed 21 
Aug 1915 in rescuing a Serjt whom he carried on his shoulder 45 feet up a 
ladder from the bottom of a mine. As soon as the Serjt was lifted off, this 
officer,  overcome with foul gas, fell to the bottom. Aged 25. Son of Alfred 
B and C J Cloutman of Old Hall, 17 South Grove, Highgate, London. Born at 
Wealdstone, Harrow, Middx. Norfolk Cem, France - I A 11

CORFIELD, 2nd Lt Hubert Vernon Anchitel. 7th E Lancs Regt. 7 Jul 1916 aged 
20. Son of the Rev Egerton Corfield, MA Rector of Finchampstead, Berks and 
Ethel Grace Corfield. A scholar (Classical) of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 
The youngest  of four brothers holding Commissions. His eldest brother fell 
on 17 June 1917. Thiepval Memorial, France

CORNOCK-TAYLOR, Lt Col Gerald Oldroyd, CBE. Gen List. Officer de la Croix de 
la Couronne (Belg). Died of pneumonia 14 Feb 1919 aged 34. Son of John and 
Alice Cornock-Taylor of Alvington House, Wimbledon Common, Surrey. He was 
deputy  Director of Graves Registration and Enquiries GHQ (and Secretary to 
the Imperial War Graves Commission) from 13 Dec 1917 until his death. Those 
under whom he served think it fitting to place on record in this book the 
great ability and the  unstinted devotion that he gave to this duty and the 
severe loss sustained by the army and the Commission in his death. 
Fillievres British Cem, France - B 22

CROW, Pte Arthur Arnold. 39134 2nd Essex Rgt. KIA 10 Oct 1917 aged 25. Son 
of Arthur and Edith Crow of Woodford Green, Essex. Educated at Orley Farm 
School, Harrow and Haileybury College. Enlisted in Artists Rifles in Aug 
1914 and resigned his captaincy in the Loyal North Lancs Rgt on account of 
ill-health Jul 1916. Finding on recovery that he could not regain his former 
rank without abandoning foreign service, he thereupon enlisted as a Private. 
Born at Forest Gate, Essex and enlisted Romford while living at Woodford 
Green, Essex. Cement House Cem, Langemarck,  Belgium - IX C 9 [Formerly a 
clerk in Lincoln's Inn. By Nov 1914 he was a 2nd Lieut in Loyal N Lancs and 
rose to the rank of capt by Jul 1915.  He was commanding the officers school 
at Tunbridge Wells when he resigned.  However, he went to Messines to help 
the Church Army's Canteen and when the Review of Exemption Act was passed in 
1917 he immediately presented himself of medical examination and was passed 
for active service.  Nevertheless various medical boards refused to allow 
Crow to go to France as a commissioned officer. See notes in Record of 
Service of Solicitors]

CUTTLE, Lt George Robin, MC. 50th Bty RFA and (2nd Lt) 'C' Flt 49th Sqdn 
RAF. Killed in air combat as Observer near Wiencourt 9 May 1918 aged 22. Son 
of Herbert Edwin and Margaret Ann Cuttle of Ultima, Victoria, Australia. 
Gazetted July  1916. Awarded MC in engagement at Butte de Warlencourt 
(Somme) Nov 1916. Attached to R Scots in the battle of Arras 1917 and 
assisted in working captured enemy guns. Arras Memorial, France

DANSEY, 2nd Lt Felix Ramon Arthur. 7th London Rgt. KIA 25 Jul 1918 aged 27. 
Son of Indalecia Guido de Dansey and the late William Foley Dansey of San 
Lorenzo, 84 San Martin, Buenos Ayres. Born at Parana, Argentine Republic. An 
Argentine  citizen, who left to fight for the country of his father. Etaples 
Mil Cem, France - IX B 1

DAVIDSON, Capt Donald Alastair Leslie, MC. 9th Sqdn RFC. Mentioned in 
Despatches. KIA 30 Apr 1917 aged 25. Son of Col W Leslie Davidson CB (RA) 
and Lady Theodora Davidson of Hampton Court Palace. Severely wounded in 
Mesopotamia. A Page of  Honour to HRH King Edward VII 1902-1908. Educated at 
Wellington College and McGill University, Canada. Arras Memorial, France

DAVIS, Capt Reginald Noel. 3rd attd 2nd Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt. 
Mentioned in Despatches. KIA 12 Oct 1916 aged 26. Son of Frederick Blake 
Davis and Amy Eugeine Davis; husband of Mildred Constance Davis who died of 
pneumonia in 1918  while working with the French Red Cross at Marseilles. 
Native of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Guards Cem, Lesboeufs, Francs - IX AA 5

DENNISON, Pte William Arthur. 23955 9th E Surrey. Died of influenza 31 Dec 
1918 aged 26. Son of Edward Valentine Dennison and Emma Anne Dennison of 
Thornton Heath, Surrey. Born at  Thornton Heath and enlisted at Kingston on 
Thames. Was wounded and made a POW. He died on his way home. Les Baraques 
Mil Cem, France - VII D 6

DE TOLLE-SWAIN (VICOMTE DE TOLLE) Pte William James. 515203 'C' Coy 1st 
London Scottish. Died of injuries received in rescuing three men from 
drowning 13 Aug 1918 aged 19. Only son of William George and Florence L de 
Tolle-Swain (Comte et  Comtesse de Tolle) of Bournemouth. Born at Oxford and 
enlisted at Bournemouth while living there. Etaples Mil Cem, France - LXVII 
G 3

DILLON, 2nd Lt George Charles Tracey. 6th Glos Regt. 23 Jul 1916 aged 29. 
Son of the late Lt Col George Frederick Horace Dillon CB (26th Punjabis) and 
Edith Dillon. Mining in Colorado, USA when war broke out. Worked his passage 
as Muleteer  from Galveston to Bristol and enlisted in the Gloucestershire 
Regt. Thiepval Memorial, France

DODGSON, Lt Kenneth Vernon. 'D' Coy 8th Devonshires. 25 Sep 1915 aged 24. 
Son of the Rev Francis Vivian Dodgson and Constance Mary Dodgson of Sunny 
Cliff, Mortehoe, Devon. Grandson of Gen David Scott Dodgson KCB who entered 
Lucknow with  Havelock 25 Sep 1857. Educated at Kings School, Canterbury. BA 
Pembroke College, Oxford. Was intending to take Holy Orders but joined up 
the day war was declared. Gazetted Aug 1914. Loos Memorial, France

DOWEY, Pte John William. 10930 6th Yorks transf to (479264) 768th Area Emp 
Coy Labour Corps. DOW 27 Aug 1918 aged 23. Son of David Dowey of 'Ocean 
View', Sandsend nr Whitby, Yorks and the late Hannah Eliza Dowey. Native of 
Easington, Yorks.  Wounded at the Dardanelles 22 Aug 1915, on the Somme Aug 
1916 and again at Ypres in Aug 1917. Born at Liverton, Yorks and enlisted at 
Whitby from Loftus, Yorks. Les Barcques Mil Cem, France - IV F 9A

DUNK, Serjt Reginald. 14/140 'A' Coy 14th Yorks and Lancs. DOW 3 Jul 1916 
aged 25. Son of Walter and Mary Dunk of 43 Granville St, Barnsley, Yorks. 
Born and enlisted in Barnsley. Received the Royal Humane Society's Plaque on 
Vellum for rescuing two comrades at midnight in  the Suez Canal, whilst 
serving in Egypt. Thiepval Memorial, France

EVANS, Lt Cyril Ansell. 85th Canadian Inf (Nova Scotia Regt). DOW 4 Aug 1918 
aged 25. Son of Charles Augustus and Matilda Sophia Evans of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia. Was wounded the night of 30 Jul after penetrating enemy lines and 
brought out by  his colonel who sought for and found him. Ligny-St Flochel 
British Cem, France - II A 18

FALKNER, Pte Henry Frederic Noel. 19647 2nd Northants. KIA 11 Oct 1916 aged 
33. Son of Henry Frederic Valentine Falkner and Frances Elizabeth Maude 
Browes Falkner of Lound Hill, Louth. Born and enlisted at Louth, Lincs. A 
Solicitor who relinquished his Captaincy in the 2/5th  Lincs and enlisted as 
a pte in another Bn having ascertained that the latter was forthwith going 
to the firing line. Vermelles British Cem, France - V E 22

FENNELL, Pte F      T      . 174270 2nd Coy Canadian MGC. 7 Nov 1917 aged 
21. Son of Frederick Fennell of Ingersoll, Ontario. Reverted to the rank of 
Cpl in order to go to the front. Menin Gate Memorial, Belgium

FLEMING, Capt John Joseph. 26th (Tyneside Irish) Bn, Northumberland Fus. 
Mentioned in Despatches. 13 Oct 1917 aged 36. Son of the late Mr and Mrs 
Fleming of Killarney. Took great interest in boxing and encouraged it 
amongst the troops; at  one time amateur boxing champion of Ireland. Tyne 
Cot Memorial, Belgium

FORD, Pte Guy Cecil. 3342 1st London Scottish. KIA 13 Oct 1915 aged 38. Son 
of Ernest and Harriette Mary Murrey Ford of 69 Oxford Gardens, North 
Kensington, London. Enlisted in London from Hoxton. Formerly a Captain in 
the Regiment but resigned and took Holy Orders. On the  outbreak of war he 
enlisted as a Private and acted as a stretcher bearer. Loos Memorial, France

FOWLER, Lt Col George Herbert. Commanding 1/8th Sherwood Foresters. KIA 
sniped in the Hohenzollern Redoubt while he was tending his wounded 
companion (Maj Beecher) 15 Oct 1915. Fouquieres Chyd Extn, France - I 41

FOX, Capt Alan Geoffrey. RE attd RFC. Shot down in aerial combat 9 May 1917 
aged 27. Son of Charles James and Beatrice Clara Fox of 30 Ladbroke Gardens, 
Notting Hill, London. One of the first five officers in the Army taught to 
fly. Cambrin  Mil Cem, France - A 21

FRYATT, Master Charles Algernon. SS "Brussels" Merchantile Marine. Shot by 
sentence of a German Court Martial at Bruges 27 July 1916 aged 43. Son of 
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