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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Nancy Backus
Date: 2004-04-01 07:06:24
Subject: Calendar

Nancy Backus wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

-=> Quoting Stephen Hayes to All on 03-27-04  02:52 <=-

 SH> Hi All,

 SH> I hope the calendar got through this time!

 NB> Yes, indeed.  :)   Thank you VERY much!

Third time lucky!

 SH> Sala kahle

 NB> Translation, please?  :)

"Keep well" or "stay well" in Zulu - standard farewell
from one person leaving to another staying. So it's what you say when
you've been visiting someone and it's time to go.

The person staying would say "Hamba kahle", which means "Go

Sala kahle

Steve Hayes
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