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From: George White
To: Miles Maxted
Date: 2004-04-20 22:17:18
Subject: Re: Calendar

Hi Miles,

On 21-Apr-04, Miles Maxted wrote to George White:

 MM>> Please let me know if this reaches you, Hedley.
 GW>> Well, it reached me...

 MM> Thanks for replying !

No problem.

 MM>> Nor have I sighted the repeat posting of the Calendar material
 MM>> -just the earlier, truncated versions.

 GW>> Now I saw the well split series, but not the earlier trucated
 GW>> ones...

 MM> Ain't Fido wonderful ?

It is that...

 GW>> See below for path and seen-by (not that the seen-by tells you
 GW>> much, 2:250/501 is the entry into the UK.

 MM> Superb !  All the gen needed ... just wish we had the resources
 MM> needed to fix it...

Well, the point of divergance seems to be NWSTAR...

 GW>> --- Terminate 5.00/Pro * Origin: George's Country Point
 GW>> (2:257/609.6)

 MM> Whereabouts are you physically ?  Your data is greatly appreciated
 MM> !

I'm located deep in the southern Cotswolds, about 15 miles south of
Gloucester and so about 30 miles north of Bristol. I live in a small
village underneath a bronze age hill fort, with Roman villas close at
hand (excavated in the last 20 years and now covered again). My
dwelling is about 130 years old, was built as a private school and was
then used as a dwelling for many years with few changes. Finally
converted properly just over 30 years ago. Family history? I've still
got to really work on that but I can go back to a Mary Watts on the
maternal side, a descendant of Issac Watts the hymn writer, the
paternal side gets a little confusing beyond my great grandparents.
(I thought I'd better put something "on topic" in <G>).


--- Terminate 5.00/Pro 
 * Origin: George's Country Point (2:257/609.6)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 257/609 250/501 140/1 106/2000 633/267

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