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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Russell Tiedt
Date: 2003-06-15 05:45:24
Subject: Genealogy echoes on Fidonet

Russell Tiedt wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

 SH> A friend of mine asked, "Why are politicians like a bunch of

 SH> They're yellow, they hang together, and there's not a straight one
 SH> among them.

 SH> ObGenealogy: One of my relatives was a politician: Vause Raw,
 SH> erstwhile leader of the erstwhile New Republic Party.

 RT> Hmm ... illastratious relatives <grin>, I do remember him. Sort of 
 RT> dissappeared fast, from the political sence tho didn't he?

Yes, well the party just sort of faded away. The bloke (he was my 3rd or
4th cousin) died last year.

Keep well

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesstw{at} 

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