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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-03-15 03:33:02
Subject: Re: Problems Obtaining Birth Certificates from the Czech Republic.

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From: "Richard A. Pence" <richardpence{at}>

Enumerators for the 1930 censu were instructed to list the place
of birth of those born in some place in Europe in accordance with
the post-WW I map, not the map at the time of the birth:

Since it is essential that each foreign-born person be credited
to the country in which his birthplace is now located, special
attention must be given to the six countries which lost a part of
their territory in the readjustments following the World War.
These six countries are as follows:
         Austria, which lost territory to Czechoslovakia, Italy,
Yugoslavia, Poland, and Rumania.
         Hungary, which lost territory to Austria,
Czechoslovakia, Italy, Poland, Rumania, and Yugoslavia.
         Bulgaria, which lost territory to Greece and Yugoslavia.
         Germany, which lost territory to Belgium,
Czechoslovakia, Danzig, Denmark, France, Lithuania,
              and Poland.
         Russia, which lost territory to Estonia, Finland,
Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey.
         Turkey, which lost territory to Greece and Italy and
from which the following areas became independent:
              Iraq (Mesopotamia); Palestine (including
Transjordan); Syria (including Lebanon); and various States
              and Kingdoms in Arabia (Asir, Hejaz, and Yemen).
168. If the person reports one of these six countries as his
place of birth or that of his parents, ask specifically whether
the birthplace is located within the present area of the country;
and if not, find out to what country it has been transferred. If
a person was born in the Province of Bohemia, for example, which
was formerly in Austria but is now a part of Czechoslovakia, the
proper return for country of birth is Czechoslovakia. If you can
not ascertain with certainty the present location of the
birthplace, where this group of countries is involved, enter in
addition to the name of the country, the name of the Province or
State in which the person was born, as Alsace-Lorraine, Bohemia,
Croatia, Galicia, Moravia, Slovakia, etc., or the city, as
Warsaw, Prague, Strasbourg, etc.

"Allan9" <exatc{at}> wrote in message
> Because of the wars that Germany was involved in I've been told
that to
> avoid resentment and other problems that some people reported
their birth
> country as something other than Germany.
> In later days they started referring to themselves as Germans
> Al
> "Matthew W. Caldecutt" <mcaldecutt{at}> wrote in

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