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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-05-07 03:31:44
Subject: Re: Lookup for Curate please

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From: "Paul Vivash" <mountpleasant{at}>

Hi Tracy!

From replies already received you will be aware that before the
intruduction of the Clergy List and, later Crockford's Clerical Directory,
there was no single source for locating information about a clergyman's
career unless he held a cathedral appointment, in which case he might
appear in Fast Ecclesiae Anglicanae. To rectify the situation a project was
started in 1999 aimed at producing a database of Anglican clergy from
1540-1835. Details are at:

I have extracted information for the 4 Welsh diocese and have covered some
English records. If you want to research your clergyman yourself you will
need to locate the relevant diocesan records and examine the Bishop's
Registers, Subscription Books and the ordination papers for your clergyman.
I do not know the precise details of  Bucklebury but generally the
Berkshire parishes were moved in 1836 from the Diocese of  Salisbury to the
Diocese of Oxford. In any case, since your man was a curate in 1815, he may
very well have moved between dioceses so, all in all, if you want to do it
the easy way your best bet is to be patient and wait for a year or two
until the CCED is complete.



"Tracy Dunne" <tracy.dunne{at}> wrote in message
> I have seen listers asking for look ups in, I think Alumni Oxiensis, and
> wonder if it possible that SKS may do a look up for me please? My local
> library have Crockford's Directories, but not Alumni Oxiensis. He was to
> early for Crockfords directories. They didn't begin until about late
> if I recall correctly.
> I am interested in finding details for WINCHCOMBE HENRY HOWARD HARTLEY. I
> have a document dated 1815 on which he is the Curate of Bucklebury,
> Berkshire.
> I have searched Google and found out a fair bit of info for him and his
> family, but sadly not his career.
> Your help is very much appreciated.
> Thank you
> Tracy

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