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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-09-03 04:24:54
Subject: Re: Track birth in England/Wales 1925-1930

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

> From:          Don Aitken <don-aitken{at}>

> Not now, and probably not ever. In fact, you'd better hurry up with
> this bit of research, since access to records less than 100 years old
> is likely to be withdrawn soon on "privavy" grounds. They aren't going
> to be able to recall all those library copies, though, especially
> those outside the UK.>

Not quite so.

The proposal in the civil registration review now is to remove 
addresses from birth certificates under 75 years old and the cause of 
death from death certificates less than 25 years old. Marriage will 
be dealt with under a different process later.

However, those who can show they are direct family - for the 
definition of "family" see the full government document - will still 
have access to all the information.

There is no suggestion I am aware of that general access is going to 
be withdrawn on privacy or any other grounds - there never was, in 
fact in the original White Paper. The original proposal was to 
suppress addresses and occupations on certificates less than 100 
years but this has now been substantially modified, the proposal to 
suppress occupations being removed altogether. The modified 
proposals have also moved to the Scottish system of 75 years for 
births and 25 years for deaths and will be record-based, rather than 
on the age of a person. The UK genealogical, of course, is still 
opposed to any restrictions at all.

I am not aware there has EVER been any proposal to withdraw access to 
the GRO Indexes, which are a different thing to the full documents. 
Why would they need to withdraw the indexes when they contain only 
very basic information? I explained to the OP about the indexes being 
online at and, having found the event wanted, it is then 
up to the OP to apply for the birth certificate - but I agree, to do 
it quickly if the full information is required unless they are a 
family member.

Roy Stockdill
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