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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Miles Maxted
Date: 2005-08-12 06:57:42
Subject: Is this the end?

Miles Maxted wrote in a message to Stephen Hayes:

 MM> G'morning Stephen, 

 SH> And, to answer Miles's question, it's a 486 66 Mhz

 MM> Much better than my legacy boxes !

 MM> As a matter of interest,  what attention does your genealogical 
 MM> database draw these days ?

Very little... I think with the Rootsweb forums and Google the need for
such a query database has passed, and though I still see queries on some of
the mailing lists, people seem reluctant to add them to the database. 

 MM> I guess I'm really asking what you intend to do with all the stuff 
 MM> you've accumulated and made accessible to fidonet enquirers - in 
 MM> the event of closing your Fidonet terminal ?

Probably put it on CD and send it to a couple of genealogical libraries. 

 MM> It has been quite sad to find so many collectors of useful 
 MM> databases quietly fold tents and evaporate...

Like Ted Wildy's marriage witness index?

I believe the data is still available, thougb it is not being added to. 

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If it doesn't work, see webpage. 

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