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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2005-06-15 06:42:16
Subject: Re: eXtreme genealogy?

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From: "Robert Burns" <madbadrob{at}>

Because Old Saxons are only excavated ( not dug up) when their burial
ground is threatened by developers.  We in the Archaeo field believe that
all archaeology should be preserved in situ and only preserved by record
when the site is in danger.  The church and the grave yard are not in
danger and therefore should not have any archaeology carried out.  In fact
I am sure this breaches the recent agreement signed by the Church and the
British Archaeological teams which states what should be done with bodies
excavated from church of England Cemeteries and they quite rightly said
unless there was a scientific reason the bodies had to be reinterred as
soon as possible after excavation in another consecrated ground. Now what
scientific thing is to be found from this wanton vandalism? Having read the
piece though I note its a bloody yank who is doing it

"unicorn" <uni.corn{at}> wrote in message
> Seems to me not just 'some folks'
> What is so different with this than digging up Pharaoh's or old Anglo
> Saxons
> and others?
> <squealing{at}> wrote in message
> news:42ae129f.404093343{at}
>> I hadn't seen any reference to this here, apologies if its already been
>> reported.
>> It seems that some folks aren't satisfied with stuffy old PR, etc. on
>> Monday some folks have started to dig into graves specifically to test
>> for
>> family links by DNA.
> l>
>> Maybe this is for historically significant purposes but am I the only one
>> to be somewhat uncomfortable at this happening in the UK?  (though I
>> personally remain to be convinced - its not like a Hadleigh family was
>> the
>> Romanovs!)
>> Bob.

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