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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2005-03-24 09:56:20
Subject: Re: Strays

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From: Eve McLaughlin <eve{at}>

In article <G3e0e.53$t7.8{at}>, unicorn
<auni.corn{at}> writes
>Can someone please confirm that a stray is someone who is not living with
>parents or as head of household when a census is taken?

No - a stray is any person or family who surfaces in an area where no one
would reasonably expect him/them to be. The idea is to send 'home' details
of any event which occurs away from the native place/residence, (e.g. a
marriage of a Bucks person in London, Devon, Northants etc, an apprentice
from Wiltshire found in Oxford or London etc, a person from Cornwall dying
in, or becoming a pauper in, Kent or Yorkshire/.
  Parish register stray events can be quite difficult to locate by
normal searches (since you wouldn't look there on purpose). Census strays
have become easier, as indexes  proliferate, but if anyone identifies a
major clump of folk from one county in another, it is worth drawing
attention to it ( like all the Bucks people sent to the mills round
Manchester, opr all the milkmen in Maida Vale); MIs (tomb inscriptions) to
a person out of his normal area; newspaper mentions of a crime committed
off one's own patch, in fact, anything which would not be readily available
to someone searching in sensible, logical places for same.
 Personally, i welcome any Bucks events and wanderers, from any source.
Please box their ears and send them home.

Eve McLaughlin

Author of the McLaughlin Guides for family historians Secretary Bucks
Genealogical Society

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