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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-01-05 05:48:22
Subject: Re: Scots Origins / IGI

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From: viv.dunstan{at} (Vivienne Dunstan)

Chord <Chord{at}> wrote:

> What caught my eye was the date range. In Births and Christenings it
> states that the records searched are from 1553 to 1875.
> I'm quite prepared to believe that i'm dim enough to have missed this
> information on the IGI site, but what is the situation here. Is this a
> limit placed on the searches by scots origins or the current state of
> the IGI's transcribed Scottish records ?

The Scottish IGI includes Scottish birth civil registrations from 1855
to 1875: very useful too, since the index includes names of both parents
- more informative than the GRO(S)'s own indexes for the same period. 

Before 1855 the IGI includes _some_ Scottish parish register baptisms
(not all, and the coverage of the IGI varies by part of Scotland, and
also denomination of church - e.g. more Church of Scotland than others).
The earliest Scottish parish registers date from 1553, although many
surviving registers date from much more recently (even 19th century).

That's probably why Scots Origins use a finishing point of 1875 and a
starting one of 1553. For Scottish purposes that seems pretty sensible.

Viv Dunstan
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