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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-02-20 04:19:34
Subject: Genealogy BBSs

I'm compiling a database of genealogy BBSs. This is to help
publicise BBSs among people who are interested in genealogy.

Here is a form to list, or update the listing, of your BBS in
the database I maintain. If your BBS carries genealogy confer-
ences, please fill in the form and return it to me by e-mail,
netmail, or in the GENEALOGY.EUR or GENSYSOP echoes. If you are
not a sysop, please draw the attention of your sysop to this
form. If your BBS specialises in other subjects than genealogy,
by all means list them too, in the subject field.

To fill in the form, just reply to this message, and fill in the
blanks between the [ square brackets ]

Please don't alter the field names, and type BETWEEN the left
and right square brackets [ and ]. See the notes on the field
names below before filling it in, and save a copy of the form
before you reply, in case you mess it up (and also to pass to
your downlinks etc.) Try to keep what you put in all fields to
one line, except for the last one - BBSNotes[ - there you can
write 4-5 lines.

If any field does not apply to you, leave it blank, but do NOT
delete the field name. Don't type "n/a" or anything else there.

=== Form begins - cut here ============
Bulletin Board Systems BBS[*]     Updated[                ]
BBSname[                            ]
Dataphone[                               ]
Telnet[                                  ]
City[                ] State or Province[                   ]
Country[                   ]
Sysop[                          ]
E-mail[                                            ]
Web[                                               ]
Networks[                                                    ]
Featured Echoes[                                             ]
Subjects[                                                    ]
 Other Info[                                                 ]
Keywords[                                                    ]

=== Form ends - cut here ==============


  Networks[ - this should indicate the actual networks the BBS
     is connected to - Fidonet, FamilyNet, etc. They should be
     separated by spaces rather than commas to save space.

  Keywords[ - askSam, my database program, is pretty good at
     picking up keywords from anywhere in a record, but if they
     are not included elsewhere, a keywords field can make it
     easier to find certain groups of records. Leave it blank,
     though - I'll use it for cryptic abbreviations.

  Subjects[ - This, or the keywords field, could contain in-
     formation about subjects that the BBS specialises in. Here
     you can put "Genealogy", and any other subjects that are
     appropriate for your BBS - see the sample form for my BBS
     below to get some ideas.

  Web[ - if you have a Web page, put the URL here, and DON'T
     forget the "http://"; bit. If you don't have a web page,
     leave it blank.

  Other Info[ - Here you can put information about offline
     readers available on your BBS, or online games, or the BBS
     software you are using etc.

  BBSNotes[ - This field can be 4-5 lines long. Use it to give a
     brief description of your BBS. You can use it to express
     the vision for the BBS, specialities that it has and so on.
     This could be published in lists that could help users to
     find BBSs that cater for their needs, or help moderators to
     publicise their echoes etc.

I hope that is clear enough.

Please return the forms by e-mail to:


or post it in the GENEALOGY.EUR or GENSYSOP echo on Fidonet, ad-
dressed to Steve Hayes

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If its full of spam, see webpage. 

--- WtrGate v0.93.p9 Unreg
 * Origin: Khanya BBS, Tshwane, South Africa [012] 333-0004 (5:7106/20)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 7106/20 22 140/1 106/2000 633/267

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