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From: George White
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2004-03-16 23:28:08
Subject: Calendar notes

Hi Stephen,

On 13-Mar-04, Stephen Hayes wrote to Nancy Backus:

 SH>>> e)   The English financial year had previously begun on the 25th
 SH>>> March with each new AD year.  Because the financial community of
 SH>>> the time refused to accept one year being shSEEN!BY: 5/0 140/1
 SH>>> 7105/1 7106/20 22 46

 GW>> Didn't see that one here :-(

 NB>> Perhaps the length of it made it get corrupted on its way to
 NB>> you...?

 NB>> Would you (could you) please send the rest of the article as
 NB>> well? Thanks.... :)

 GW>> Oops! Looks like someone along the way is truncating the message
 GW>> :-(

 NB>> Yes.  That's what I was figuring, too... It was quite a long
 NB>> message, and I do know that some nodes along the way can't handle
 NB>> more than a certain length...  that could have caused corruption
 NB>> on other routes than the one that made it to me, simply
 NB>> truncated... That's why I had suggested that perhaps he could try
 NB>> it in smaller chunks, so that all of it would make it around...
 NB>> :)

 SH> I sent it again to two chunks - did you see it?

I got part 2, but not part 1 :-(
They both had the same subject so I suspect a bad dupe checker
somewhere in the loop (possibly at the same place that truncates them
(if they are truncated, as part 1 never made it here I can't confirm

This is what I have for the route:

   5:7106/20, Origin, Stephen Hayes
   Address : 5:7106/20
   System  : Khanya
   Location: Pretoria GP
   Sysop   : Steve Hayes
   Address : 5:7106/22
   System  : Novell User Group
   Location: Pretoria
   Sysop   : Richard K Peer
   Address : 1:140/1
   System  :
   Location: Saskatchewan
   Sysop   : Bob Seaborn
   Address : 2:250/501
   System  :
   Location: Telford Shropshire
   Sysop   : Neil Walker
   Address : 2:257/609
   System  : Air Applewood
   Location: Roydon
   Sysop   : Vince Coen

From this, a fairly direct route, I would suspect that any problems
are at Richard K Peer's BBS, because I have no known problems with
other echos, and _all_ Z1 to R25 (USA to UK) traffic goes through the
route of 1:140/1 to 2:250/501. I actually doubt if the message is
being truncated, I rather suspect Nancy's OLR. I used to have similar
problems when I used SLMR on QWK packets, the QWK packets were OK but
SLMR could only see the first part of long messages. I've forgotten
the exact details as I changed over to pointing with Terminate (which
has other, less intrusive problems).


--- Terminate 5.00/Pro
 * Origin: George's Country Point (2:257/609.6)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 257/609 250/501 140/1 106/2000 633/267

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