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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2005-03-21 05:02:46
Subject: Joseph LANGLEY-LEVY of Liverpool and Johannesburg

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

Does anyone have any knowledge of Joseph LANGLEY LEVY, who was born Joseph
LEVY in Liverpool in 1870 (I have not yet discovered when or why the
Langley bit got added) and who went to South Africa in the early 1900s and
become editor of the Johannesburg Sunday Times?

He appears on the 1901 census in Liverpool as a journalist (sub-editor) and
was supposedly editor of a publication called the Liverpool Review and also
of the Daily Express before going to South Africa. His father was John (or
Jacob) Levy, born in London who became a cigar manufacturer in Liverpool
(he also is on the 1901).

Joseph married a Mabel Ada RUSHTON in 1897 and they had two daughters at
least - Miriam Gertrude Levy, born 1898, who became an actress in the name
of June Langley Levy, and Doris Bessie Levy, born 1902, who later married a
man called Moore and became known as Doris Langley-Moore. There are
numerous websites about her, since she was a prominent author and fashion
historian and founded the Museum of Costume in Bath. Miriam married an
actor in South Africa but the marriage split up almost immediately after
the birth of a son and she remarried and returned to England with her young
son, who later became an actor and well-known TV quizmaster here in the

Joseph Langley Levy, in whom I am particularly interested, was apparently a
leading light in Johannesburg and a major figure in the city's cultural
scene but I can find next to nothing on him with Google, except a fleeting
reference that gets his birth date wrong by years! There appears to be a
Langley Levy Street in Johannesburg which may well have been named after
him. He was the great-grandfather of a UK actress whose ancestry I am
currently researching.

Wonder if anyone in Liverpool has any connections to this family? I am also
hoping Steve Hayes might see this.

Roy Stockdill
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