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From: Sharon Coyne
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2003-06-12 20:47:42
Subject: Genealogy echoes on Fidonet

 SH> It's been over a month since I've seen a posting from anyone other
 SH> than me on the genealogy echoes on Fidonet - at least in the echoes I
 SH> get - GENEALOGY.EUR, I&UK_GENE and GENSOFT... oh yes, and the US
 SH> genealogy echo, GENEALOGY as well.

 SH> Is no one interested in genealogy any more, or is something broken and
 SH> I'm not getting any messages?

I'm attempting to do a history on my ex's family for my kids. His family hasn't
provided me with very much. Here is what I have so far.

His parents were Martin Coyne and Mary Elizabeth Conley and were married in
the United States.

Their children's names were Elaine, Rita, James, Martin, Thomas, John, Noreen,
Ann, Barbara, Lawrence, Patricia and Kathleen. Lawrence is my ex and the father
of my children.

Martin's parents were Patrick Coyne and Nora Murray (maybe have been the ones
who came to the United States from Cork County. His siblings were John, Agnes
and Peg (Margaret?).

Mary's parents were Michael Conley and Sara Hennigan from Mayo County. Her
siblings were John, Catherine and twins, James and Thomas.

There is a distant counsin, David Hennigan, who still lives in Ireland and has
a pub there called Hennigan's Bar/Restaurant???

Mary and Martin lived in the Glen Hazel section of the city of Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. Mary died their in 1951 and Martin moved with 9 of his 12
children to the borough of Munhall, which is right outside of Pittsburgh.

From what I've heard in the past, Martin died about 6 years after Mary and the
older siblings took care of the younger ones.

I don't really have much else, but do plan to send out a form to the remaining
siblings of Lawrence to see what information they can provide me with.

Sharon Coyne

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