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From: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2004-08-16 06:57:18
Subject: INVITATION TO BOOK LAUNCH -book on slaves

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Hi ZA List participants [and other fellow boffins of cultural history]

With the launch of the book : Echoes of the Slaves as a collection of slave
history related articles printed in the Cape Argus newspaper as the
cultural event in mid August on the Slave History calendar of the year of 
2004, can you please notify your fellow history boffins in the North .

See attached invitation giving details of the venue :

Date : Thursday, 19 August 2004

Time : 17h30 for 18h00 until 19h00

Venue : Centre for the Book, Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town, opposite the
Company Gardens, near the St George Cathadral, between the South African
Museum complex and the South African Library-Cape Town campus.

Cape Town - City built by Slaves

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Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 2:38 PM Subject: INVITATION TO BOOK LAUNCH
 : Echoes Of Slavery - Jackie Loos

Dear All

You are cordially invited to a launch. Please find invitation attached.

N.B. Secure parking is provided on the premises.


Morgan Vesty
Marketing Administrator
P O Box 46962
Tel: +27 (0)21 6744136
Fax: +27 (0)21 6743358

Visit our website at>;
Echoes Of Slavery - Jackie Loos

Echoes of Slavery: Voices from our Past is a collection of true stories,
each chosen to illuminate a particular facet of Cape slavery in its mature
form. The book concentrates on the final 30 years of slavery in order to
the least distance between Cape slaves and their modern descendants. For
example, Chrisje of the Cape's horror at the prospect of having her hair
cut as a punishment in 1831 is easier to comprehend than the probable state
Valentijn of Madagascar's mind when he was sold for 80 wagon loads of
in 1689.

Most of these sketches have previously appeared as weekly columns in the
Cape Argus under the banner 'The Way We Were', which looked at the history
of Cape Town's previously marginalised underclasses.

The author, Jackie Loos, gleaned much of the information from previously
untapped primary and secondary sources in the Cape Town Archives Repository
and the National Library of South Africa. Jackie Loos joined the Special
Collections Department of the South African Library in 1990 and worked with
author Karel Schoeman until 1998. Since then she has been a freelance
researcher and written more than 200 illustrated articles for the Cape
Argus. She is well known by many local historians.

This year, 2004 has been announced as the Unesco Year of The Slave. This
book doesn't only remind many South Africans of their interesting past, but
also serves as an unique bed-side read.

Price: R 130.00

ISBN:0-86486-661 5

Published: 4-JULY-2004



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