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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-06-20 06:54:42
Subject: International genealogy conference

                    (GENEALOGY.EUR CONFERENCE)

Revised 24 February 2001


The purpose of the International Genealogy Conference (IGC -
Fidonet tag GENEALOGY.EUR) is to provide a forum for the
discussion of topics of general interest to genealogists and fam-
ily historians, including, but not limited to, the following:

   1. the use of computers for genealogy, including hardware,
      software, and communication

   2. the safekeeping of and access to information of interest to

   3. the transcribing, indexing and preservation of information
      useful to genealogists, such as cemetery records, and the
      records of religious and other organisations

   4. helping users to solve problems in genealogical research by
      discussing particular research problems, suggesting
      possible sources of information etc.

   6. helping users to make contact with others with similar
      interests, for example those who are researching the same

   7. promoting the establishment and development of inter-
      national standards for the recording of genealogical


Messages in this conference shall be subject to the current rules
of the International Fidonet Association (IFNA). In practice,
what this means for users is that there should be no flaming, no
off-topic messages, and that if there is any "excessively
annoying behaviour" it should be dealt with first by the
moderator, and if necessary by the echomail coordinators in
accordance with general Fidonet policy.


This is an international conference. Messages may be about
genealogical research in ANY country ANYWHERE in the world, with
one exception: messages from users in the USA to other users in
the USA about families that lived in the USA should not be enter-
ed in this conference, but should be entered in the NGC for Zone
1 (Fidonet tag GENEALOGY). Messages about families that migrated
to or from the USA from other countries are welcome here.

Messages concerning computer standards, software, recording of
information etc. are of international interest and should be put
here rather than in national conferences. Although there is an
echo specifically for discussing genealogical software (Fidonet
tag GENSOFT), not everyone has access to it, and so messages
discussing or reviewing software are permitted here, and such
messages may be cross-posted to and from the GENSOFT conference.


This should preferably be done by means of Tiny Tafels, as they
give all the necessary information in a concise and structured
way, and can easily be captured by BBSs using the Tafel Matching
System for further processing. Messages dealing with research
problems for particular individuals or families, which do not
easily fit the Tiny Tafel format, are permissible.


Fidonet is not to be used for commercial advertising, but
announcements about products such as computer programs that will
be useful to genealogists are permitted. The discussion,
comparison and review of such products, provided they have a
genealogical application, is encouraged.


As Fidonet is an amateur network, all users should show con-
sideration for sysops who very often spend their own hard-earned
money to move messages around the world. Please try to avoid
wasting space by indenting the left margin, quoting too much of a
message when replying, and using unnecessarily big signature
files. Also, please do not post duplicate messages, or a series
of messages containing substantially the same information
addressed to different people. As everyone can read all messages,
such duplication simply increases the cost without adding to the
information. If you try to make your message as informative and
interesting as possible, there should be no problems.

Taglines and signature lines

Informative taglines or signature lines, giving your snail mail
address or other means of contacting you, are OK. It is better
NOT to have taglines or signature files listing the families you
are researching. If you put those in every message, including
ones that have nothing to do with that family, people who use
software that searches for names will become annoyed at finding
"hits" that aren't hits at all. There are people who archive old
messages and distribute them on CD ROMs, and that makes it even
more important not to create false "hits". If you want to let
people know you are researching a family, post some information
about the family or use a Tiny Tafel. Do not repost the same
information more frequently than once every two months.


This is an international echo. The main language used is English,
which is most widely understood. But some users will not
understand English or be able to use it well. Try to use English
where possible. If another language is used in a message, try to
give at least an abstract in English. Use the Roman alphabet
(Ascii characters) - Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese and other character
sets will not be readable for most users, and may also cause
problems on the BBSs the messages have to pass through.


Generally speaking, the fewer rules, the better. Since this
conference started in May 1989 there has been very little need to
"enforce" the rules, except on a few occasions where off-topic
messages have strayed from another conference, or where duplicate
messages have been entered, usually because of ignorance on the
part of new users. Genealogists and family historians seem
generally to be well-behaved and polite people. Let's keep it
that way.

This conference is for ANYTHING connected with family history and
genealogy, so go ahead and enjoy it!


The International Genealogical Conference started humbly as a
local conference on Capital ComTech BBS in Pretoria, South Africa
in June 1988 when Steve Hayes persuaded the sysop to open a
genealogy message area. In May 1989 Capital ComTech joined
Fidonet, and the genealogy conference became a national echo in
South Africa. Africa was then part of Fidonet Zone 2, and in
August 1989 Niel Uys, the South African Regional Echo
Coordinator, began sending it to Germany, and because the echo
was reaching Europe and became the Zone echo for Zone 2, it was
called GENEALOGY.EUR. A little later the UK was added, and soon
afterwards the Europe-South Africa link went through the UK. In
about September 1990 Zone 1 (USA & Canada) was added, and Zone 3
(Australia & New Zealand) joined in about the same time, and
Africa split from Zone 2 and became Zone 5. This makes the
GENEALOGY.EUR echo tag something of a misnomer now, though the
echo tag is not meant for human beings but for electronic
mailers. It has, however, misled some sysops into labelling this
conference on their BBSs as "the European Genealogy Conference".
This is incorrect, and it would be better to call it the "Inter-
national Genealogy Conference", or the "Genealogy and Family His-
tory Conference" or something like that. In the USA it might be
wiser to label it the "Foreign Genealogical Conference".

Because the conference is international, we hope it will spread
to other countries, and to all continents.

Steve Hayes of 5:7106/20.1 <methodius{at}>
Moderator of the GENEALOGY.EUR conference.
Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If its full of spam, see webpage. 

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