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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-12-16 11:12:48
Subject: Aliases and surname changes etc.

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From: tworsnop{at} ("Thomas Worsnop")

Further to my earlier message, here is some more evidence of how and 
why surnames change, culled from George Redmonds' excellent book 
"Surnames and Genealogy: A New Approach". They are taken from a 
variety of records, including parish registers, manorial courts and 
Quarter Sessions.

1763 James Milner otherwise Miller, Snaith
1766 William Bury otherwise Berry, Sheffield
1773 John Kitchen otherwise Kitching

1592 Thomas Waggatt alias Wogate, Bishopthorpe
1594 James Roides alias Rodes, Sharlston
1748 Charles Roper alias Raper, Mappleton
1764 Moses Brearley otherwise Brierley, Halifax

1573 Robert Porrage alias Poddage, Doncaster
1638 Anthony Dodson alias Dodgson
1740 Joseph Birks otherwise Birch, Sheffield
1747 James Melladew signs Mellalew, Saddleworth

1544 Thomas Sawood alias Southwood, Birstall
1618 John Squire vulgariter John Swyre, Skipton
1704 John Airey alias Avery, Knaresborough

METATHESIS (transposition of letters, especially "r" and a vowel)
1551 William Brenand/Birnande, Knaresborough
1574 John Labrone, son of Robert Laborne, Methley
1595 John Stirley alias Strelley, Roos

ASPIRATION, especially an unpronounced "H"
1574 Edmund Holgill alias Ogle, Beverley
1690 Abraham Heeley or Ely, Kirkburton
1726 William Eyre alias Hare

Whilst the above are all clearly cases of confusion of 
similar-sounding names, Redmonds also cites other aliases that 
have no apparent connection, linguistically, with the alternative 
surname. There is the case of a man who appeared at Leeds Quarter 
Sessions in 1753 described as "William Snyder otherwise Taylor". This 
man was a German born in Frankfurt who had served 14 years in the 
British navy. Redmonds proffers the theory that his name was actually 
Schneider and he may have added the English translation of Taylor 
(tailor). Probably the court clerk didn't know how to spell 

Another interesting translation from a foreign surname concerns one 
Henry KIRKHOFF at Hull in 1484. A clerk recorded his name as Henry 

Tom Worsnop
North Yorkshire
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