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From: Dorothy Denn
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2002-12-15 07:40:40
Subject: Obscure sources - why it's always worth asking an RO

         Date:  04-Dec-02
      Subject:  Obscure sources - why it's always worth asking an RO

Hi Stephen,

 SH> I HAD a little object lesson very recently in how, even for we
 SH> more experienced genealogists, it's always worth asking a record
 SH> office whether they have anything on an obscure source, on the
 SH> offchance of what might seem a very long shot indeed turning up
 SH> trumps. It should also be a pointer to some of the newer would-be
 SH> family historians here who seem to think it can all be done on the
 SH> Internet - because it can't, which I keep "banging on" about, as
 SH> some of you know ! Anyway, I thought I would share this with you,
 SH> as an example of what kind of priceless material is just lying
 SH> there in odd corners waiting to be harvested.

I agree.  I recently got some very helpful information from the Carlisle
Records Office.  Not only did they have access to some very old census,
they then discovered they had a whole lot of papers that had been
deposited there by some obscure relative many years ago.  They could not
let me have the original papers, but were quite happy to copy them for
me.  I found Deeds [on parchment] going back to 1610, Wills belonging to
2/3 ancestors which confirmed their children's names.  In one will that was
found, the chap had listed all his belongings even down to the knives
and forks, and to whom they were bequeathed.

Another thing I found that if you want a birth/marriage certificate, and
you know the County concerned, it is cheaper and quicker to go to them
for copies of the said certificates than to apply to the ONS in
Southport.  I got over 15 certificates that way, and saved nearly 5
pounds on each one, and received them within two days.

So good luck to your hunting.



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